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This afternoon.

Baggott Street, Dublin 2.

One of a large number of Garda checkpoints around the country as Level 5-enforcing Operation Fanacht resumes

Gardai last week gave 17 fixed penalty charges to motorists who FLAGRANTLY traveled more than 5km from their home to visit the Wicklow Mountains.


You can find a list of questions that Gardai will ask you at checkpoints here, and exemptions that allow you to break the Covid travel restrictions here

Ireland lockdown travel restrictions: The Covid rule Gardai ‘will now enforce’ after notorious ‘large gathering’ (DublinLive)


This morning.

The N1 near Bray, County Wicklow.

Rona-busting Operation Fanacht in full effect.

The motorways are a little safer today.

Name that jammer, anyone?






Level 3 garda checkpoints in place across country (RTÉ)

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He loves it when a plan comes together.

The Guard Mind Control tax disc holder [click to enlarge]

Why don’t you butter them up?

Fergus O’Neil , of GrandGrand, writes:

I’m sure you’ve featured my Guard Mind Control tax disc holder before but I thought with the new dawning of THE POLICE STATE it would be timely to offer your readers a sale price of €5 on this very effective piece of plastic (above).

While it subconciously butters up the lovely Guard you buy enough time to disarm them with a suitable riposte to their interrogation.

Don’t judge me I have children to feed….


You’re Looking Well Garda tax disc holder  (Grand Grand)

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