The Zero Theorem


This afternoon.

Zero Covid strategy?


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24 thoughts on “The Zero Theorem

  1. gallantman

    Ridiculous to suggest “zero covid” while blithely ignoring our border with a separate jurisdiction.

    1. chuckenstein

      Brid Smith did the same even after its ridiculousness was pointed out to her on the radio last week. literally kept babbling on about NZ as though nothing had been said.

      1. CE

        UK is thinking about it so it’s a good time to bring it up again.
        Holland getting rid of flights from non-Schengen countries, France thinking about it.
        New variants (or some to come variants) from all over the world may raise serious problems in terms of vaccine effectiveness and transmissibility.
        Best case scenario for vaccine roll-out is basically level 3-5 restrictions until next October.
        Even with the Northern border open, you’re going to reduce possible vectors by having mandatory quarantine in the south, and you could in theory restrict movements of non-UK citizens here, and restrict movements in border counties… which we have done.
        Frankly, the hotel industry could do with it, and it’s less expensive than trying to roll out the test and trace/public health measures to make the situation much better in the short to medium term.
        So yeah that again, because everything up to this point has worked out real well.

        … anybody got a better idea? And, give an actual idea – when you say something won’t work give an example of what might

  2. Paul Davis

    Brazil mutation due to their enormous bat population is killing much younger people.

    Vaccine results from the most covid vaccinated population, Israel, is saying that there is 33% decline in infection among the elderly. Somewhat below the 95% promised.

    Forget about zero Covid, Living with Covid is the only option. It’s not going away, only getting worse as it mutates.

    Get your health in order. Quickly. Vitamin D and Zinc are key

      1. Paul Davis

        It is a bat virus from Chinese bats originally, worst case is it mutates in the Amazonian bat population.

          1. Panty Christ

            Don’t eat bats. This is the message we should really be trying to get across to people in far flung places like Amazonia and China

    1. ReproBertie

      “Vaccine results from the most covid vaccinated population, Israel, is saying that there is 33% decline in infection among the elderly”
      Should we maybe wait for the vaccination programs to finish before dismissing the results?

        1. ReproBertie

          Have the entire population of Israel received their first dose? No? Well then lets wait until they finish before speculating on the effectiveness of vaccines.

          You are completely wrong about the purpose of the 2nd dose.

          “Pfizer says that a single dose of its vaccine is about 52% effective, while getting a second dose makes it around 95% effective.”

          1. Paul Davis

            The reason this second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine is so critical is that it dramatically increases the number of T-cells that “remember” the antigen, resulting in stronger and longer-lasting immunity that will protect you when you come into contact with the real virus.

            So why are they recommending the second dose is 12 weeks in the UK?

            Also, the South African mutation and the Brazillian mutation have a good chance of being resistant.

            Vaccination (actually not vaccination, gene therapy is what this really is) is a terrible way to combat this, it will always be 6 months behind.

          2. ReproBertie

            “So why are they recommending the second dose is 12 weeks in the UK?”
            So they can get as many people as possible up to that 52% as quickly as possible? I have no insider knowledge on the UK’s approach but I know it’s not the approach being taken here.

            It is being reported that the UK are looking at the data coming out of Israel so they may change their minds.

  3. b

    zero covid to avoid more lockdowns

    how do you get zero covid? One masshoosive lockdown (shh don’t mention the border)

      1. Mr. T

        A series of long incredibly restrictive lockdowns (much more restrictive than ours) across an area much bigger & sparser than our whole country?

  4. Jake38

    Classic Trot strategy from Murphy and cohorts,
    Agitate the population at every possible turn with claims of incompetence and simple solutions being ignored by the powers that be, safe in the knowledge that there isn’t a snowball in hells chance of ever being elected to anything within an asses roar of responsiblilty.

  5. Joe

    With respect, some people here are misunderstanding how vaccines work. By the way the Oxford/Astrazeneca vaccine, of the recipients in the trial who received this vaccine and then subsequently became infected with the Corona virus, it kept 100% of them from developing Covid, ending up in hospital and dying. The independent peer reviewed data can be read online in The Lancet

    Vaccines will end Corona virus

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