The old ‘elderly parent in crisis’.

Never fails.


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7 thoughts on “Fair Cop

  1. robob

    Not a big fan of the po-po, but in fairness, was collecting supplies from work (a school), stopped by Guard, asked me purpose of journey, told her “collecting supplies from school, heading home”, she told me to turn around. Was a bit surprised, told her again “was in school collecting stuff, I’m heading home”, she said “you should turn around and go back” again, I was slack-jawed under my mask, then she said “did you not hear, Norma reckons schools are safe, you’d be better off waiting it out there, save a few quid on bills too”, laughed and waved me on. Stopped night before last heading to supermarket and a big culchie Guard, “what’s the purpose of your journey”, I said “goin’ up to Lidl there” and he asked “what’s on the menu? Sure it’s hard to know what to be atin’ this weather. Would ya roast a chicken? Or is it too late for the likes? Oh Jesus, sorry, are ya a vegan? Sure roast an auld spud, be tasty anyway”, and waved me on… Reckon they’re bored and mad for the chats.

  2. delacaravanio

    “Only in Ireland” my hole.

    It’s safe to say that attractive, young, middle-class women get treated well by police in every country in the world.

  3. Lilly

    She works for Terry Prone. Ole Anton will need to know she wasn’t delivering groceries to her Mammy on his time.

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