Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar

This afternoon.

The Tánaiste said the Government’s new mandatory requirement of a PCR test is being met with a very high degree of compliance and fines are being issued for those who breach the rules.

He said the three main reasons for opposing mandatory quarantine were that it is “disproportionate”, because positive Covid-19 cases within the State were not quarantined; the EU’s stringent rules on the freedom of movement; and the fact that Ireland cannot control its border, ie with Northern Ireland, in the same way that other island states can…






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17 thoughts on ““Disproportionate”

  1. Broadbag

    This thing over here is bad so let’s not bother trying to stop it getting worse – brilliant!

    He and his buddies clearly fancy a cushy seat at the EU trough down the line and therefore refuse to ruffle any EU feathers, rather than do everything to try and figure out a mutually beneficial solution with the North he’s kow-towing to his EU masters, pathetic, particularly when it’s people’s lives at stake.

    Let’s get some texts fired off and some meaningless airport forms signed instead so we’re seen to be doing something.

    1. Kim the Cardassian

      Cases were down to single digits over the summer of 2020 and there wasn’t even a passenger locator form back then

  2. Baz

    As of January 17, 2021, there have been 662,326 deaths across the whole of Europe due to the coronavirus (COVID-19)

    now you know why politicians and media here were so quick to point at Trump and <400,000 – they needed a distraction from EU failings

    Dail members and senior CS are more afraid of their standing in the EU than of the Irish general public

  3. eamonn

    That man could do us all a favour and take himself off the stage, maybe Florida.
    Or how about a vow of silence ?
    “We have made too many mistakes to bother now, anyone know anything about herd immunity? “

  4. Joe

    Hmm…Leo the Leak and FFFGGP always put profits before people. Who cares about the extra dead killed by Leo and friends when profits are to be made and NPHET is to be ignored? An opportunity to eradicate the surplus deadwood and no profit making resources, A headcount reduction.

    FFFGGP have blood on their hands !

    1. eamonn

      You hit the nail on the head Joe, the only eye opener in the mix is that the greens are proving to be blind to the blatant. I feel they will loose most politically from this, if only they had even a little of what they pretend they would pull their support.

  5. Dr.Fart

    he doesnt get it. the 2 week Quarantine is a detterant to frivolous travel. He just doesn’t care about peoples health, he doesn’t have empathy.

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