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Geneva, Switzerland.

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The WHO’s World Health Assembly.

Geneva, Switzerland.


…via Lawyers for Justice

In response to a Parliamentary Question Number 397 raised by Roisin Shortall TD on 10th March 2022, the Minister for Health in Written Answer states that “Ireland supports the WHO led process to negotiate a binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response”.

The Irish People have not been asked to vote by Referendum on the question of whether they ‘support’ a ‘binding legal instrument on pandemic preparedness and response’ under Article 19 (Treaty) or Article 21 (Regulation) of the WHO Constitution.

The Minister for Health and Official delegates (to date the delegates have not been published) to the WHA from the Department of Health (‘Official delegates’) should make clear to the INB that Ireland can only agree to an Article 23 (Recommendation) agreement in the absence of a People’s Referendum under Article 6 of the Irish Constitution.

The people must demand that the Minister for Health and Official delegates notify the INB by formal record, prior to its second meeting, that Ireland CANNOT agree to a WHO measure (i.e. a legally binding treaty) without holding a People’s Referendum.

Petition here

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Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director general of the World health Organisation


This afternoon.

Lizards assemble.

Political and business leaders from around thw world meet in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2022 from 22-26 May. Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation’s Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly is being held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 22-28 May, where members will discuss the pandemic treaty.


Davos 2022: Who’s coming and everything else you need to know (World Economic Forum)

Seventy Fifth World Health Assembly (WHO)

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Pic: WEF

World Health Organisation leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus

This afternoon.

Ahead of  the World Health Organisation (WHO) meeting to sign off on a possible Global Pandemic Treaty at the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, from this Sunday, May 22-28…

…via Bruce Y Lee (no relation to the Kung Fu legend) in Forbes:

You know the 1996 movie Independence Day, where much of the World united to defeat a common enemy? Well, during the Covid-19 pandemic that started in 2020, pretty much the opposite happened. The World was about as organized as all-cat produced and directed episode of Dancing with the Stars or rather Dancing with the Stars Who are Also Cats.

The global pandemic response had relatively little coordination, little unity. In fact, it was more like the 1983 and 2009 TV miniseries V, where many politicians, personalities, social media accounts and others seemed like they were actually trying to help the enemy, in this case, the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)….

Yet, despite the clear need for more global coordination, some politicians, some celebrities, and a bunch of social media accounts have been trying to, guess what, argue against such a treaty. They even started a hashtag #StopTheTreaty.

Yeah, having no global agreement in place before the next pandemic is going to work out real well, right?


Ultimately, those opposing any global pandemic treaty don’t seem to be offering any viable alternatives to improve the world’s ability to prevent and control pandemics. It’s easy to criticize anything and keep yelling words such as “freedom” kind of how babies fight against wearing clothes and insist on pooping whenever they want to do or doo-doo so. What’s much more difficult is finding solutions.

If invaders from outer space were to appear now as they did in Independence Day, our world would be kind of in trouble. You’d have politicians, TV personalities, and others claiming that the invaders aren’t real and even siding with them.

Our world needs to be more unified in order to more effectively fend off any major threats to our health, whether its infectious disease, non-communicable disease like obesity, or aliens with tentacles and telepathic ability.

Remember what that John McClane character said in the 1988 movie Die Hard:

Now, you listen to me, jerk-off. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. Quit being part of the [bleeping] problem and put the other guy back on!

It’s time to put real science and health experts back on.

The WHO To Discuss Global Pandemic Treaty At World Health Assembly May 22-28 (Bruce Y lee, Forbes)

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Get it down to three minutes and we’ll talk.




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Darwin, Australia.

Australia is to sign up to the international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on May 22 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Once signed, the treaty will enable WHO’s constitution to override local constitutions during a pandemic or other health emergency.

Last week,  Taoiseach Micheál Martin, when pressed on Ireland’s intentions toward the treaty, said:

“In terms of a pandemic, what is required is very strong global interaction and co-ordination among all the members of the WHO, which did not quite happen at the beginning in this regard.”


…via The Australian Spectator:

…The advertised pretext for a global health treaty is that countries were wrongly allowed to take bespoke approaches to Covid – in particular, their vaccine roll-outs. According to the WHO, this endangered the health of the whole planet.

A more accurate reading of the situation comes from discussions had at the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations launched at the World Economic Forum in 2017, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome Trust, and a consortium of nations that include Australia. The Liberal government pledged a further $100 million to CEPI in March, 2022 to add to the $1.5 billion it has raised from other governments.

CEPI’s mission is to create ‘equitable access to vaccines’ because they do not like the volatility (and competition) of the free market. This is the same organisation that poured a fortune into RNA and mRNA vaccines for the WHO’s DiseaseX scenario which – less than a year later – was put into emergency production to combat Covid as a ‘proof of concept’ exercise.

Their stated objective from the beginning, long before Covid, has been to find a way to force Western governments to purchase vaccines in bulk for the Third World under the banner of ‘equity’.

The handling of the Covid pandemic is being used as an excuse to justify what was already designed and publicised. In this light, the proposed Global Pandemic Treaty is – first and foremost – a trillion-dollar business deal.

Being discussed is a $10 billion per year ‘preparedness fund’ along with an additional $100 billion emergency fund – that you pay for. Who knows what else is coming…

Australia set to sign Geneva’s Global Pandemic Treaty (The Spectator)

Last week: Anti-Treaty


Dail Eireann.

During Order of Business, Fianna Fail TD Willie O’Dea (above) raised with Taoiseach Micheál Martin Ireland’s response to the proposed international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Once signed, the treaty will enable WHO’s constitution to bypass Bunreacht na hÉireann during a pandemic or other health emergency.

Mr O’Dea said:

“It has generally been accepted that Ireland’s response to the recent pandemic has been one of the most successful. At present, a WHO global pandemic treaty is being negotiated.

My understanding is that the states which become signatories to this treaty will be ceding power to deal with any future pandemics entirely to the WHO and that the local government will be completely excluded from the situation.

“This is a very significant development. Has the advice of the Attorney General been sought as to whether the Government signing up to this will require a constitutional referendum?”

Responding, Micheál Martin replied:

I will have to check that out in the first instance. I remember that Ireland was one of the proactive members in getting a global tobacco treaty under the auspices of the WHO, and we would have been co-authors of that legislation and key players in getting it enacted, which was to the benefit of healthcare.

In terms of a pandemic, what is required is very strong global interaction and co-ordination among all the members of the WHO, which did not quite happen at the beginning in this regard.”

Earlier this month, pressed on the legal requirement for a referendum on this issue, Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly told deputies:

“As provided for in the Constitution, the conclusion of an international agreement is an exercise of the executive power of the State in connection with its external relations and is therefore concluded by or on the authority of the Government,.”

So there.

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Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly



Independent TD Carol Nolan asks Minister for Health Stephen Donelly to confirm Ireland’s commitment to the World Health Organisation’s Pandemic Treaty

Once signed, the treaty will enable WHO’s constitution to bypass Bunreacht na hÉireann during a pandemic or other health emergency.

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The 194 members of the World Health Organisation (WHO), including Ireland, have begun a process that may give the Constitution of the WHO precedence over a country’s constitution in the event of another pandemic

This afternoon.

Via  anonymous on Telegram

‘The fact that everyone is suddenly backing away from restrictions is just a game. From today  the WHO will hold an emergency meeting and deliberations in Geneva on expanding its ability to target (take over) all member states in the event of a pandemic and “any other type of threat or disaster.”

‘WHO wants member states to sign a new treaty on Covid-19, which expands the 2005 treaty. Once signed by the Minister of Health, the WHO constitution (as per Article 9 of the same) will take precedence over a country’s constitution (189 countries have signed the 2005 treaty) during natural disasters or pandemics.

‘Since the definition of pandemic was changed a few years ago, they will be able to impose obedience on any country and impose WHO guidelines on the public, which will be mandatory, not just recommended. And that sounds like power over the country and the world.

‘A Swiss militant (Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, who has worked for the WHO for 20 years) warns that every country should send a public letter of protest to the WHO, saying that the Irish people do not accept that the signature of the Minister of Health should decide the fate of millions of people without a referendum.

‘It is very important to send this letter from every Country to WHO in Geneva. They want all countries to sign this letter before May 2022 so that time is counted. If you are a member of the Assembly, please send such a letter to WHO. ‘

An international treaty on pandemic prevention and preparedness (European Council)

“Mandatory vaccination is not the best means to achieve the highest vaccine uptake”

Dr Mike Ryan, head of WHO’s emergencies programme

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