‘OK Lads, You Win’


Dr Anthony O’Connor at an Oireachtas Special Covid response committee hearing last June

This afternoon.

Anthony O’Connor, Consultant Gastroenterologist at Tallaght Hospital, covid response critic and Labour Party member, departs Twitter after a ‘quiet’ DM from someone ‘close’ to Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

That’ll learn him.

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12 thoughts on “‘OK Lads, You Win’

  1. Gavin

    Maybe for the best if he’s that thin-skinned…..random person on Twitter, who or may or may not know Stephen Donnelly…grow a pair.

  2. one name per commenter please


    This is 4th/5th Gen warfare based on information\psychology.

    When the opp. parties are calling for basically the same thing you are living in a one party state.

    WEF Agenda 2030, with Chinese muscle. ‘Guidance’ via WHO.

    You will own nothing and be happy. This only ends when when we stop cooperating.

    Reward for completing level 5 is level 6.

    Eventually there will be concentration camps for dissenters, call Quarantine Camps.

  3. Paul Davis

    California lifts stay at home order even though they have the highest numbers in the US.

    6 days after Biden gets in.

    Influenza has also been eradicated btw

    Its all nonsense ;-D

    1. Cian

      California has the highest population of all the US states.. is that one of their “highest numbers”?

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