Last night.

Cruel sun holiday-shaming on RTÉ 1’s Prime Time.


Ooh. He’s so ‘ard.

Previously: Come Out You’re Back And Tanned

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53 thoughts on “The Tans

  1. Mr. T

    Pathetic holiday shaming – if this people had a negative test prior to travelling back to the country then they have done nothing wrong.

    It really is curtain twitching taken to its extreme, with the national broadcaster facilitating.

    1. TypeONegative

      Yeah but do you truly trust them to have tested themselves and isolated on arrival? Are their holidays really necessary at a time like this? We’re a nation of selfish corner-cutters with an “ah sure it’ll be grand” attitude to everything; I don’t trust my fellow Irishman as far as I could throw him.
      People going to Lanzerote are thumbing their noses at the rest of us making sacrifices every day. Have a walk through any park and you’re expected to get out of the way for every other group who walks five-abreast along the footpath. We can’t be trusted to manage ourselves.

    2. George

      They’ve travelled several thousand kilometres for a non-essential journey at a time when there is a 5km restriction on non-essential travel.

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      There’s a lesson there.
      Always try to look your best, even if you’re only putting the bins out, you never know who you’ll bump into.

      1. scottser

        a philosophy echoed by my mother’s insistence that underwear should be changed daily in case i had to go to hospital in an emergency.

  2. Gavin

    These people arent breaking any laws, most may be away since before Jan when the government greenlit a Christmas party for everyone. Either COVID is serious or it’s not, if it is, stop letting people into the country without a negative test, and when they do come in ensure they are monitored. The government is incapable of providing a consistent message and doing what needs to be done, instead, they dance around the issues and blame everybody else. New Zeland was able to organize themselves well enough to allow people to attend a festival

    1. Micko

      Yeah , that festival in NZ was only artists from NZ. Rhythm and Vine, the Six60 show last weekend – all NZ artists.

      Try getting any international artist travelling over the next while.

      Take Longitude for example – booked for this July. If ANYONE from say, Kendrick Lamar’s team gets a positive result days before they travel the whole show is ruined. Main headliner – gone

      I know that the high end sport professionals are using a bubble system. Everyone in the bubble gets privately tested before they travel – with a fast turn around time and then they stay in that bubble of 10 or so people. But for music – with a live audience. No way.

      I can’t see any touring band going out for a long time. Too many crew to be tested and the whole close contacts thing is a nightmare.

      We’ve really painted ourselves into a corner with the arts. Never mind the insurance companies are taking the pee.

      1. Paul

        I used to live in NZ and they had trouble getting international artists there in normal times. So pretty normal there.

  3. Paulus

    Is”totally half-baked” an oxymoron?

    I bet the Lanzarote crew weren’t half baked….though at this time of year?

  4. goldenbrown

    who knows what anymore, who knows if any/all/none of these people are carrying the plague, all a mixed bag of people who take C19 seriously and those who don’t take C19 seriously. this Lanzagrotty crowd? sure they’re only playing by the rulebook they’ve been given, there’s no point shaking fists at them ffs.

    up to now we’ve adopted the typically Irish self-regulation approach to the problem and we wonder why the whole scenario is out of control?? check your history, lol, we aren’t good at self-regulation are we?

    yesterday I took a wee detour and stopped mid-journey for a break, I’d been told there was this interesting new coffee shack down on Killiney beach so I thought I’d check it out. twas a fine large yoke altogether, coffee and food being served by 3 professional looking lads out of a streamliner type caravan you’d see at EP. the problem? half of South County Dublin were down there on the beach too, milling around the ‘van, rings of 6-8 adults laughing and chattin and enjoying themselves and not a mask (or a metre) between any of them, like those scenes a couple of months back on Clarendon/Sth William. no masks no nothing.

    I left empty handed

    there’s no fupping way C19 wasn’t down on that beach yesterday

    we clearly can’t be trusted to manage ourselves

    1. Micko

      “. yesterday I took a wee detour and stopped mid-journey for a break“

      Oooooh, I hope you were within the 5K of your home?

      Only joking, I don’t actually care, it’s a BS rule anyway. :)

      But, you can see how people jump to condemn others.

  5. VAnon ™

    How about everyone mind their own business

    This is Tabloid News folks

    The airports have been open
    Planes have been flying
    People still have statutory holiday entitlements in a lockdown

    If there is a Public Health risk
    or an Airline Safely risk
    there are plenty other tools and regulations to manage that

    Not this gotcha stuff
    If ye must, ask why Airports / PoE weren’t shut last March to Lads from Italy before ye start picking on people landing from Sunnier places now

    Savage Header tho’ Hon Bodger

    1. Junkface

      Yes ultimately it’s the authorities who should take the blame for not restricting travel. People will always try what they are legally allowed to do.

      1. George

        There is a word for “people like this” but Broadsheet would turn it into something ridiculous if I use it.

    2. George

      These people benefit from everyone else obeying the rules but selfishly broke them themselves for their own pleasure. Awful behaviour.

      “Statutory holiday entitlements” have nothing to do with going abroad. That argument is pseudo legal gibberish of the kind that John Waters and Gemtrails would use.

    3. Broadbag

      ”statutory holiday entitlements” – is it statutory that they go abroad too, what utter nonsense. Tellingly yer man can’t even figure out his mask is supposed to cover his nose and we’re supposed to trust that he’s not incubating the virus, it’s risky and it’s selfish, is a holiday ”essential travel’? of course not.

      1. VAnon ™

        Hey lads
        all of ye

        none’ah my business where people take their holidays
        Just saying that Annual Leave hasn’t been suspended or cancelled like a Concert Tour n’ stuff

        1. Rob_G

          On the one hand you are saying the Ireland should have banned flights from Italy last March, but on the other hand people should allowed go wherever they like with their holiday days; you are coming across as a little inconsistent.

          1. VAnon ™

            Didn’t say they SHOULD be allowed go
            They are – there are flights taking off and landing with people on them
            People that have booked and paid for the seat, and presented passports
            not people on the run or anything

            If Ireland was sincere about Lock down as being the way to manage the Pandemic nationally
            Then the public airports should have been closed to commercial cargo travel & internal maintenance & training flights only
            same for the Ports

            State and official travel like Coveney swanning around, can be managed from Baldonell and other private strips

            Picking on people for going about their own business is shabby
            Not saying I agree with what the travellers and holiday makers are doing
            Just saying that cribbing about them is curtain twitching

            In fairness, if this was foot & mouth, the Dept of Ag would have had all that sorted 12 months ago

        2. George

          Flights are allowed for essential travel not for non-essential travel. So no they’re not allowed.

          “None of your business” you say to others but also you think it is your business whether people should be allowed to fly. Nonsense.

      2. benblack

        RTÉ Prime Time crew camped out in DUB waiting for a flight from Lanzarote to arrive to back up new government restrictions.

        Not contrived or planned in anyway.

        Any flights or passengers arriving from London?

    4. TypeONegative

      People should
      be shamed
      for this kind of
      carry on
      in a pandemic

      They’re not poor
      innocent babes who
      were found among the reeds
      in wicker baskets
      They’re grown adults
      capable of having some cop-on
      who just don’t give
      a toss

      statutory holiday entitlements
      going overseas
      in a global pandemic
      are you having a laugh?

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      no you don’t, my folks are under a landing flight path, pretty noisy

        1. Charger Salmons

          When I lived in Kensington you could set your watch to the first red-eye flying in from the States.
          But you’re right, after a while it was just white noise.

  6. Hector Rameriz

    My issue with last nights show was the piece on the hospital infections.

    Be grand to have no infections, but when at one stage hundreds of nurses were off due to testing positive or self isolation, the staff remaining are doing long hours and are worn out.

    Just smacked of hammering the already hammered by people who were themselves not adhering to the regulations by having staff get togethers

  7. Kingfisher

    Whatever about these copulators bringing nasty bugs home, they’re also bringing possible infection from a heavily-infected country to the relatively impoverished Canary Islands. Not nice at all.

  8. Kate

    My neighbour went to Landzarote for Christmas and within days of arrival home ended up in intensive care with covid. Still in hospital at UHL. Am I disappointed in him? —‘ I certainly am!

  9. Charger Salmons

    I rather like the barreness of Lanzarote.
    Away from the Cor Blimeys it’s really rather beautiful.
    Lady Charger and I once found a wonderful restaurant on an isolated beach looking up towards some majestic hills with an original César Manrique insallation on the wall and sublime seafood.I think we managed one of our special five hour lunches but by jove it was a hairy drive back.Thank goodness the roads were empty.
    Have you been ?

      1. Charger Salmons

        It is Kate.
        It’s very windy a lot of the time given its position out in the ocean but it has shaken off its old Lanzagrotty reputation and like any tourist spot once you venture forth away from the crowds there are pleasant rewards to be found.
        A great wintering spot.

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