Going Up The Aisle?


This morning.

Aldi has kickstarted a nationwide search for a couple that has had to postpone their wedding celebrations due to the rona, launched by influencer Bonnie Ryan (above), who had to postpone her own ceremony this year.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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16 thoughts on “Going Up The Aisle?

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            don’t underestimate the pleasure of flouncing around the house in nice clothes, lifts the mood, I highly recommend it, you should see me clobber for supervalu

          2. V aka Frilly Keane

            oh I don’t

            I even went to Marco’s there a while back with a pair of new shoes in the bag just for the chance to strut around in them

            Got all dolled up here for Christmas n’all

            Only thing that’s really ticking me off is the big trip wardrobe I splashed out on last year
            most still will tags on
            Will be redundant, either out of date or the wrong size ⊙.☉
            that may end up with the clothing silos at the bring centre if this goes on for another Summer

  1. spud

    No mask??
    Come on, I know it’s a photoshoot but still… it would even fit the premise of the competition if she wore one.

  2. f_lawless

    Does she have a massive pair of boots on under that dress? I looking at the leg which she’s holding on to at the knee ;)

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