This afternoon.

Dáil Eireann at the Convention Centre.

“We have an arm of the government practically going out to Dublin Airport to burn witches live on air. I’m talking about RTÉ. It’s an absolute disgrace. It is oppressive and it is driving anxiety in this state what RTÉ is doing.

“There are massive problems with free media in Ireland.The Irish Times have their hand out looking for money from the government. God Knows they’re entitled to it, they’ve been doing your bidding for a year.

“But where is the free media to come from if the only source – I’m not talking about all media –  but the primary source of income is the Department of Health, is the government?

“Of course they [RTE, Irish Times] are doing the government’s bidding, of course they’re driving the narrative, of course they are attacking people who question what is going on.

“It is oppressive and it is damaging the fabric of our society.”

Independent TD for Clare Michael McNamara


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11 thoughts on “Fit To Print

  1. scottser

    well it’s either ‘the state can do no wrong’ on some news channels and ‘dennis o’brien can do no wrong’ on the other.

    1. Steph Pinker

      On a serious note, I’d like to have the opportunity to vote for independent representatives such as McNamara; he’s unique because he *actually* presents himself as caring about his constituents and the people of Ireland with a semblance of conviction.

      I like his passion, intelligence and honesty, and because he’s independent he doesn’t have any party political affiliations anymore*.

      * Let’s wait to see his bona fides.

  2. K.Cavan

    Any “Covid case” would be lying in a hospital bed, suffering from Pneumonia caused by massive infection from the Sars02 virus & would certainly not require a PCR test to know their state of health, although ironically this is the only time a PCR test would be used, clinically. The term “Covid case” has been used constantly in the Irish media to describe those who have received positive PCR test results. This inaccurate & unscientific reporting serves to justify excessive actions by the government. The legacy media’s role in this disaster should never be forgotten & should rightly serve as a final nail in their coffin.

  3. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    He raises a fair point. The media messaging has become more punitive, less educational.

  4. Walter Ego

    He’s not wrong here, but when he was a Labour TD, he had no problem when RTE were “doing the government’s bidding”or “driving the narrative” and “attacking people who question what is going on.going” during the water protests.

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