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Sam WickensMurky Waters

Grey is the colour.

Sam Wickens delivers another soulful and atmospheric performance on his new single Murky Waters from his new 5-song Watson EP released today.

Filmed under a particularly ominous Irish sky, the textured monochrome video was made by DanDanDann productions.

Sam writes:

“Murky Waters is the realisation that I was raised and put through terrible circumstances. Constantly feeling alone through every obstacle that was placed in front of me.

Traumatic events seemed to follow me no matter where I ran, I started to believe that I was some sort of gatekeeper, that my purpose was to absorb the terrible things so others didn’t need too.”

The Bangor songwriter is due to play The Workman’s Club, Dublin on April 1. Fingers crossed.

Nick says: Play it, Sam.

Sam Wickens

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