Anti-Zero Hero


Dr Marcus De Brun

Amid calls for a Zero Covid Strategy…

…Dr Marcus De Brun, writing in CassandraVoices (full article at link below)

The frankly bizarre ‘option’ of Zero Covid-19 that has been grasped by some on the left, and the right, in Ireland is a form of Utopianism. It ignores the virtual impossibility of eradicating an aerosol, sub-microscopic pathogen such as Covid-19 from Ireland.

Moreover, we remain one of the most globalized societies in the world with over half-a-million foreign born resident in the country and an Irish-born diaspora of three million; rely on international trade for most commodities; besides having a porous border to the North.

Moreover, New Zealand and Australia are currently enjoying Summer, when respiratory viruses retreat. This seasonal effect is enhanced by a depleted ozone layer over the Southern Hemisphere – causing the world’s highest rate of skin cancers – which elevates the level of UV light that destroys viruses.

Both countries are also insulated from the rest of the world by vast oceans and an uninhabited landmass. Even still, outbreaks occurred in New Zealand and Melbourne last Winter, prompting draconian responses.

Notably, however, the maximum number of cases that Melbourne – with a population almost the size of Ireland’s – experienced in a single day was just seven hundred, and it required an extreme 112-day lockdown – and/or the arrival of Spring before an apparent elimination. In contrast, case numbers in Ireland have exceeded eight thousand in a single day.

A Zero-Covid approach assumes the island of Ireland is sealed hermetically. Good luck with telling the DUP that they have to follow the rules of the South! And ‘success’ would presumably give way to a permanent state of siege against the viral dangers posed by the outside world.

At this point even New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has had enough, acknowledging the long-term impossibility of pursuing Zero Covid she recently said:

“Our goal has to be though, to get the management of Covid-19 to a similar place as we do seasonally, with the flu. It won’t be a disease that we will see simply disappear after one round of vaccine.”

Comparing Ireland to East Asian countries may also be inappropriate as, Wuhan apart, no single country in that region has experienced a significant outbreak. Notably, Japan, which has avoided locking down throughout the crisis experienced forty times as many flu and pneumonia deaths during that period. This suggests other factors – East Asia has been the geographic origin of several modern coronavirus epidemics – may be inhibiting the spread of Covid-19 there.

Yet this message has not trickled either left or downwards into popular opinion as the Irish Times continues to print articles in support of ‘the plan’.

‘Zero Covid’ is as much a vote-winner, as a zero tolerance for crime or any other virtuous objective, but it’s political claptrap from an taxidermized left and a neoconservative right, furnished by scientists that seemingly have no conception of biological realities….


Covid-19 in Ireland: Landfall (Dr Marcus De Brun, CassandraVoices)

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This afternoon.

Dishy globalist egghead and former Broadsheet columnist Julian Mercille shares his Zero Strategy diagnosis with the Tec Dr (not a real doctor).

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50 thoughts on “Anti-Zero Hero

  1. Tony

    I assumed the whole ‘zero covid’ thing was aspirational – deliberately aiming beyond what is possible to minimise infection and deaths while we all wait for a vaccine shot.

    Hurry up with the vaccine tanker EU gobsheens.

    Also this DeBrun chap is a total self publicist that has dirtied his bib associating with conspiracy loons. So he can get in the sea with concrete jocks on

    1. Bitnboxy

      +1 De Brun is just so unlikeable. Appears to fly off the handle when anyone challenges him by just offering another view in good faith. He has a tendency to alienate folks from the get-go.

      1. Mick McCabe

        You’ve just delivered a complete self-assessment and in the process you’ve tried to disguise yourself as De Brun.

        And congratulations, you’ve not mentioned shinners or your nemesis.

        You’ve still a long way to go though.

          1. Mick McCabe

            If he appears I will of course. Bit of a crush on him then obviously. They say you always hurt the one you love. Tell that to your doc

          2. Bitnboxy

            Ah Giggidyloon, sorry “Mick”, is this your cunning plan?! Bless, go see a therapist. Boxy is going to continue calling out Giggidyloon’s abuse and bile and having a bit of fun along the way. Sorry not sorry. ;-p

        1. Mick McCabe

          Ah. The word is Echopraxia. Ask about it when you finally get your appointment. Seriously- get help. ASAP I told you to do it, don’t delay. You’re storing yourself up some real problems with your issues.

          Mind you don’t fall of the edge of the flat earth.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Had to look that up. Spot on. The Bpox has it bad. ROFL. Lack of intelligence rears it’s ugly head once again. I’m nervous now though, as it’s combined with being a stalker. ROFL!,

      1. Bitnboxy

        Lol. Luke O’Neill has good emotional intelligence though, a quality seriously lacking in de Brun.

        De Brun always strikes me as someone desperately trying to gain access to a PA system or a megaphone. Paddy Cosgrave is a similar sort.

        1. f_lawless

          Luke O’Neill has good emotional intelligence? You’re having a laugh surely.
          I’m thinking back to that creepy Zoom call a couple of months ago where he spoke to group of masked teenagers in a class room and told them that predicts mask becoming a permanent mandatory feature every winter from now on. If that wasn’t distressing enough he then went on to say “You want to go to your Debs , don’t you? (You’ll take the vaccine)” I’d call that emotional blackmail.

          Similarly on Newstalk he stated that the vaccines shouldn’t be made mandatory, but in the same breath said it should be required for “an airplane, might be in a sports stadium, wherever crowds gather“. Then going on to say “it’s a choice – you can choose not to travel, you can choose not to go to a football match if you wish”. If that isn’t dark emotionally manipulative doublespeak, I don’t know what is. “Hey not mandatory but it’s entirely your choice, you decide whether you want to participate in everyday life or not!” Emotional intelligence my botty

  2. george

    Cite some scientific papers, please. Speculating that UV light is killing covid-19 in NZ is pseudo-scientific garbage.

    1. Micko

      UV light killing viruses and other nasties is pretty well documented George.

      They have UV sterilising in many hospitals around the world – at a cost of hundreds of thousands.

      Here’s a video from the Mayo clinic from 5 years ago.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        that’s UVC light, which never reaches the earth in the form of sunshine

        when it hits us, sunshine contains UVA and UVB light, not UVC light

        1. Micko

          Yup, and it’s still not perfect. A lot of the UV units release ozone as well, to sterilise the air for when line of sight isn’t possible with the UV light.

          Smells like being around a photocopier

          That being said. Flu Viruses are generally seasonal. Scientists aren’t really sure why though.

          So I guess we’ll see…

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    “outbreaks occurred in New Zealand and Melbourne last Winter, prompting draconian responses.” Which saved lives and the health system. Alt-right conspiraloons seem to neglect that bit as if it’s okay if people die so Frank and Una can go to the Canaries and DeBrun can go shopping or to the pub or whatever it is he wants to do instead of being a doctor.

    1. goldenbrown

      that’s about the size of it Daisy

      it’s hard to believe some of the simplistic garbage that people like this lad come out with

      smart people aren’t always wise

      or acceptable

    2. Mr. T

      People push the idea of zero covid as somethign that once we achieve, life inside this island goes back to normal.

      NZ and Aus both show that, despite all their geographical advantages, they could not achieve zero covid indefinitely. There were still outbreaks and long lockdowns inside the country, despite a zero-covid approach to border control.

      If NZ and Aus with all their massive geographical and political advantages couldnt do it, how could Ireland, given that we have a land border with another jurisdiction for starters??

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        I don’t know anyone who believes Zero covid will put us back to normal. It will reduce deaths and infections and allow lockdowns to be lifted incrementally as the infection rate falls and flatlines.

        1. Micko

          In Ireland zero means “kinda zero” ;)

          But seriously, if you listen to some of the members of the ISAG they very much believe in ZERO community transmission.

      2. goldenbrown

        ok, I’ll bite

        it’s really very simple to me

        this guy took the Hippocratic Oath

        that means at all times and in all types of scenario he should try to save as many lives as he possibly can, that’s his job

        key in a pandemic like C19 is that prevention is preferable to curative medicine, doctors like this lad are sworn above all to prevent disease whenever and wherever it’s possible to do so (and it surely is possible with C19 if we make the effort to do so) and to promote that approach amongst his fellow professionals and any actors present/involved

        I’d say that the time to prevent has never been as crucial as it is now, wouldn’t you?

  4. bisted

    …I agree with Marcus ( we are still on first name terms aren’t we ) on zero-covid being an unobtainable aspiration in this country…as we watched with horror fleets of trucks carrying dead people from Bergamo while a planeload of people were heading for Keelings to work on the harvest…we’ve had golfgate and mediagate…most recently we’ve had people who feel the need to call Joe Duffy and talk about the weather in the Canaries…the only thing shown to work on curbing disease is lockdown and the vast majority of us implement it…the only hope is vaccination but we have been let down so far on that salvation…

  5. millie bobby brownie

    With all due respect, Marcus, I don’t think anyone believes zero-Covid is anything other than a pipe dream.

    It’s the government doing what the government does best: talking poop to cover up their gaping inadequacies.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        I think on both sides there are outliers.

        I think those in the media and in politics promoting zero covid realistically know it’s not an achievable goal – I can’t see Arlene & Co agreeing to an all-island solution, can you? – so to me it all feels very cynical.

        Back in March and so on it was different. Much lower numbers, far less information on what the virus and how to manage it, only one virus (as opposed to the variants floating around now) to contain, and a population who were much more willing to lock down or what have you for the good of the nation.

        You’re now dealing with a nation who have locked down a number of times, who are waiting for a vaccine, waiting to return to ‘normal’, and there is much more information about the virus available.

        Those who genuinely think zero covid is achievable must be very naive.

        1. Micko

          Arlene & Co indeed…

          Here’s their suggestion for dealing with the pesky Northern situation.

          6. Manage internal borders, including the border with Northern Ireland.
          Locking down and quarantining international travellers is essential, but we must also restrict movements on the island. If a county reaches low case numbers, we don’t want it to be infected from outside—so we curb travel into that county. Conversely, if a county is highly infected, we don’t want infections to spill over into other counties, so must restrict travel out of the infected county.

  6. ce

    Didn’t Australia and New Zealand also have a winter at some point this year, or did I miss something…

    In any event, lockdown for another year due to vaccine shortages, sounds like the craic!!!

    Imagine actually trying some other ideas… even if, dare I say, they won’t be perfect…

  7. Jake38

    Just so many viral epidemiologists, pandemic staticians, molecular biologists, mathamatical modelers and public health specialists on BS, it’s amazing they haven’t been tapped to date by the WHO to rid us of this pesky virus.

  8. Dr.Fart

    trust me. scrubs and a stethoscope does not automatically mean “sense” .. but they do nearly ALWAYS allow the wearer of them believe they make their word iron clad. This man is an angry little loser who can’t make a point without deriding someone else at the same time.

    1. Micko

      Yeah come on Broadsheet. WTF is going on?

      I don’t feel terrified enough by ANY of this content.

      In fact, Marcus gives me a sense of hope FFS – what use is that!

      Get it together lads or I’m going back to watch RTÉ

      Actually Ryan’s on the late late in a bit. I’m sure he’ll terrify the absolute poo outta me.

      Oh Christ – Ronan Keating‘s on tonight.


      1. Charlie

        You want to terrified!? Head over to The A daily onslaught of fear mongering and trash. It makes the Daily Star look like The Guardian. Appalling cheap journalism.

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