Calculated Degrading


Terry Prone (left), of the Communications Clinic, and Norma Foley, Minister for Education

This morning.

Via Irish Independent:

Education Minister Norma Foley’s department hired a high-profile public relations firm before informing Cabinet about errors in the calculated grades system for the Leaving Cert.

The Department of Education sought the services of The Communication Clinic the day after errors in the system emerged.

However, Ms Foley did not inform some of her own Cabinet colleagues of the mistakes in the grading system at a meeting a week later.

Good times.

Department of Education hired PR firm the day after Leaving Cert exams error came to light

Previously: Terry Prone on Broadsheet



Via Jeff Rudd (United People)

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13 thoughts on “Calculated Degrading

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    When a bigo ole SNAFU has to be spun, you can trust the Crone to do it. Nothing buried in the Dept of Ed either eh?

    1. Anton Chigurh

      So I guess this is a crisis then.
      From her website:
      “We’re really good in a crisis. And we’ve dealt with a lot of them. Tourism disasters, oil spills, accidental poisonings, crashes, explosions and innumerable corporate embarrassments.

      And some of them make great stories. Stories that we can’t tell. Because our first job in most crises is to minimise their public impact, which mitigates us talking about them.

      We can’t tell you what we’ve done, but we can tell you how we do it.

      We begin by doing nothing publicly. Nada. Zilch. Nothing at all. Until we know the facts. We dig, interrogate, investigate and question until we have every salient piece of data. And we do that as fast as possible.

      Once the data is in we advise what to do. And we prepare the communications. That might mean prepping the client for a press conference or interviews, drafting press statements, FAQs, community letters. Or it might mean arranging briefings with media or shareholders or staff.

      If you have a crisis and you call us, we can promise you a number of things; we’ll provide you with the best in the business. We’ll take your crisis as seriously as you do. We will be with you, side-by-side until the crisis is over.”

      1. ce

        “We’re really good in a crisis. And we’ve dealt with a lot of them. Tourism disasters, oil spills, accidental poisonings, crashes, explosions and innumerable corporate embarrassments.” – You name we’ve explained it away

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So, Prone hired for another cover up of sorts. The go-to eh? ‘You’ll find no remains in Tuam’ (paraphrased)

  3. ian-oh

    What’s even worse is that they keep hiring this awful yoke and her advice seems to be beyond useless. As a matter of fact, hiring her is a tacit indication that you have fupped up very badly.

    Is there no pharma company with unethical human trials she could be helping out with the PR at the moment?

    ‘Well as you can see they were indeed tested without consent but we have managed to give each child a good number of ‘ventilation’ holes in their shoulder which should reduce build up of heat so they can cool down”.

  4. joe

    Terry Prone does her job particularly well. She is an excellent private addition to the public service in conveying whatever information to the public as desired by government.
    That is of course if you happen to be a two faced FFFGGP lying hypocrite and want to deflect, hide and misinform the public!
    It’s excellent to see huge amounts of public taxpayer funds keeping PR companies employed in these difficult times during a pandemic…..I don’t think!
    Norma Foley days as a minister are numbered

  5. Liam

    I only realised recently that Foley only became a TD for the first time in 2020.
    How is she now minister for education?!

    1. ian-oh

      Seems she is ‘learning on the job’ herself.

      But she is learning the FF way of doing things, spoof first then try to cover up then double, double toil and trouble is sent for.

    2. GiggidyGoo

      Jayzus Liam. If Simon Harris and Stephen Donnelly can be made Health Minister, anything is possible.

  6. Andrew

    It’s funny, Terry Prone is continually asked on to those weekend radio discussion panels. Why? What’s the point? She’s hardly going to give an honest answer considering anything under discussion with regard to national politics; the minster or department responsible, will most likely be one of her clients.
    in fact the person asking her questions may well be a client as well. many members of the opposition parties will also be clients.
    It’s a very,very small pond and it really shows in the cosy relationship between politicians and the media class.

    1. ian-oh

      Why indeed?

      This is the absolute dribble that The Examiner publish from the Crone:

      Day 123

      A friend asks by text how I’m doing. Happy out, I tell him. Lucky you, he texts back, in a stiff upper lip manner that suggests he’s not as fortunate as I am. If he wasn’t outside my 5K I’d go around to his house and smack him to teach him to recognise self-effacing heroism when he sees it. I mean, dammit.

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