Construction Time Again


The Government is working to reopen the construction sector on 5 March, Minister for Housing Darragh O’Brien (top) has said.

This morning/afternoon.

It’ll be grand.

Govt working to reopen construction on 5 March – O’Brien (RTÉ)


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8 thoughts on “Construction Time Again

    1. ian-oh


      Michael Martin has the Taoiseach feather in his cap now. That is all he ever wanted.

      Clown man.

  1. Mr. T

    Should never have closed construction
    An almost 3 month closure of almost all construction in the state, bizarre.

    It’s like they wanted to cripple our economy.

    1. george

      4,000+ cases per day without testing of close contacts and of some people who showed symptoms. 1000+ deaths during January.

      The decision to open everything up before Christmas is what is crippling the economy

  2. Dr.Fart

    I didnt realise it had stopped. take a walk around town, most sites up and running. nearly no residential/private sites closed.

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