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  1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    blah blah blah blah vax, blah blah blah immigrants, blah blah blah, boris , endless mud slinging and over worked material,
    there you go lads saved you all the bother

    1. Charlie

      It’s Friday, it’s the weekend, which means twice his weekday alcohol consumption. Don’t be fooled though coz he’s watching and taking notes.

    1. Tony Maroney

      Judging by the curve around the edges of the picture and the position I’d guess it’s one of those door bell Ring type cameras or CCTV, set up on the neighbors door.

    1. Lilly

      Where can we access the telly histrionics? I’m in the mood for a bit of drama but can’t see anything :)

      ‘btw folks
      on yesterdays telly trailer thread ye’ll find for yourselves another archived bilge load of histrionics’

        1. Lilly

          I gave up, hadn’t the stomach for it. Was accused by Uncle Albert of using the word ‘hun’. Never happened :)

          Bring on the hot X buns!

          1. V aka Frilly Keane

            I know

            And there’s worse
            But at least you got a sense of what it’s like for me
            Especially knowing that it’s all still there
            Even after all this time and knowing what ye all know now

            Sorry Lil
            Anyway yeah
            Hot pus buns

    2. Hobson choice

      And why are these so called appointments not checked on return to Ireland by the immigration checking the dentist to confirm the person did indeed attend

  2. Birdie

    Yikes it’s stormy out there with a dusting of snow.

    I do enjoy the front page ads of the FT, makes me dream of being loaded and going to clinique la prairie for my “check-up”… you can keep your Tenerife, I’ve got my clinique la prairie permission slip.

    1. Birdie

      Revitalisation Premium is definitely the option for me. For 6 days and 7 nights I will achieve these objectives:
      1.Slow down the aging process
      2.Reactivate cell renewal
      3.Raise your physical and mental performance to peak potential
      4.Increase your resistance to oxidative stress
      5.Activate your immune system
      6.Strengthen your antiviral defenses
      7. Boost your vitality and energy

      This experience has a starting rate of 37K, bargain. The 2K exit charge from Ireland is no bother.

  3. Bertie blenkinsop

    I’d say the Broadsheet Moderator WhatsApp group is hopping now…
    “You were meant to be Charger today!”…

    “No, it’s definitely your turn again Bodger…”

  4. goldenbrown

    Ashley Judd….yikes!

    (just use your favourite search engine…but maybe give the breakfast an hour to settle first)

  5. Charger Salmons

    Morning all.
    Apologies for the lateness but Lady Charger and I had some delightful family news last night and gave the sherbet some welly.We were both spark out by 10pm.I do hope no-one stayed up till the early hours in a vain attempt to post an inane response about my absence.Oh wait …

    Charger’s Fax Fact™ #60

    A boomtastic day with 503,116
    vaccinated, the third time the figure has passed the half million a day mark taking the overall total to 14,012,224 or 21% of the entire population.

    Ireland added an extra 4,930 to its overall total of 248,284.

    There’s also news that Oxford/AstraZeneca are trialling the world’s first Covid vaccine specifically for children.

    It will study safety & immune responses of the vaccine in 6 to 17 year olds with 300 volunteers in Oxford, London, Birmingham & Southampton.

    Meanwhile, a new poll gives the Tories a six point lead over Labour, their highest result since May 2020.


    Boris also enjoys a six point lead over Sir Kneel-a-lot in the PM approval stakes.


    The UK’s vaccine success putting a smile in Boris’s face this morning.


    1. Joe F

      Good morning the narcissist and racist.
      Still not going to talk about your disgusting remarks about the 39 Vietnamese Kate?
      No, you’re more interested in selective polls about the Tories. You don’t care about the horrible death those unfortunate people suffered on a lorry. You joked about that in a post to someone else on here. Just think about that for a minute you sad excuse of a human person.
      Marvelous indeed.

    2. Nigel

      Only six points? With Labour in disarray and the vax rollout going so well? Only six points? Put it away, son, play with it in private if you must.

      1. Charger Salmons

        Six points was about the lead many polls had for the Tories going into the 2019 General Election which they won by 80 seats.
        You’re out of your league Citizen Smith.
        Back to selling Socialist Worker on windswept street corners for you old sport …

        1. Nigel

          Eesh, so support has at best stagnated, going to need lots of scumbag tabloid owners onside and Tory Political Officers in the BBC to keep a grip on things.

          1. Charger Salmons

            Stagnated ?
            It’s on an upward curve.
            Almost mirroring the upward curve in Blighty’s supercharged vaccine programme.
            It’s an indicator going into the upcoming local elections but immaterial really as Boris doesn’t have to call the next general election until May 2nd 2024 when boundary changes will also work in his favour.
            I suspect he may go before then if the Starmer Shambles continue.

          2. Nigel

            Upward to six points? Yeah, it’s immatrial alright for everything except the odd spot of shameless toadying

  6. V aka Frilly Keane

    FYI Sunday Bake’Sheeters

    Shopping list for Frilly H♡T Xxxs Buns

    Strong Bread Flour, and some Plain Flour, Butter (just for the paste and the counter top) Caster Sugar, Sunflower Oil, Eggs, Sultanas (Golden ideally) an Orange, 2 Apples or Dried Apple bits (I use dried btw) Cinnamon, Milk – fully leaded, Salt, Glaze – Apricot Jam is best, sachet of Fast Action Yeast, if you’re old school, circa 35 gms of fresh

    a good sized bowl, clingflim, wooden spoon, weighing scales, baking tray(s) and an oven

    1. Charger Salmons

      The Marmite & Cheese hot cross buns from M&S I mentioned earlier this week V.
      Same ingredients but lose all the sweet stuff ?
      Lady Charger says she’s keen to have a go.

      1. Joe F

        Lady Charger?? Same as Kate, Admiral Nelson old sport. She don’t exist, they’re all you.
        Just something you said earlier “Great to see” on the Cherishing page on BS. It’s a little hard to take that seriously when it comes from the same person(s) as wrote the vile remark about 39 unfortunate Vietnamese who lost their lives in an excruciating, slow manner. Yet, you used their situation to have a cheap shot at someone else on here.
        Plus your disgusting remark about most of the crime in the UK coming from blacks and immigrants, your exact words old boy.
        Such a hypocrite, to add to racist and narcissist.

      2. Fergalito

        What’s the recommended psi for Lady Charger?
        Does it depend on who’s doing what?
        Do you foot or hand pump or is she plug and play?

        Goodyear welted rubber I hope though the Germans do a better job of it these days…

    2. Best friends forever

      You were looking pretty hot on the telly the other night if you don’t mind me saying V

  7. Brother Barnabas

    the review of the papers is well worth a listen

    the JR / DL combination works especially well

  8. John F

    Good afternoon all,
    In his conversation with David Langwallner (which was excellent by the way). Mr Ryan asked a interesting question at the end? Namely, why is this being done?
    I am going to give my thoughts on the whole thing. Firstly, I come at this from the perspective that there is a nefarious coordinated plot behind the lockdown time restrictions and this is about a lot more than protecting public health.
    As far as I can tell it’s about resetting the financial system and providing those at the top who benefit cover when their doing so. Historically, there has been a correction roughly every 9 or 10 years, each time bigger than the last. The one in 2008/09 was huge and should have finished off the system. Then Finance official’s came of with ridiculous stuff like quantitative easing and negative interest rates as well as directly propping up the stock market.
    But this did not fix the systems ills and it was grinding to a halt once again. This time there is nothing they can do to prop it up. All avenues have been exploited. So they need to controllably collapse and reset the system without people asking too many questions. The virus and lock downs provides the perfect cover for them to do that.
    Then there is the issue of societal control. Anyone with a working brain will realise that our government runs very little. It’s all NGOs, pan- national bodies and technocrats calling the shots. One of the big fears that have is that people will gather in public and protest things, fear of the virus takes care of that. They want to greatly lockdown and restrict people’s movements and personal freedoms.
    What we are seeing now with the endless lockdowns and checkpoints and what not, is like pavlovian dog training, if you’re good and obey all our rules, we will ease the restrictions and give you some of your lives back etc.
    I don’t know what the net outcome will be but it will be interesting.

    1. Nigel

      It isn’t that we live in a world where it’s entirely predictble that various entities will react in certain ways to a crisis, or that disaster capitalism isn’t a thing, it’s the idea, completely without any proof whatsoever, that the pandemic, the actual virus, is the result of a plot. Now Brexit, Brexit was obviously the result of a plot by neoliberals and diaster capitalists and far-right white nationalists to turn the UK into a deregulted hellhole that would enrich a few and strip the rights of the majority, but so far there’s nothing about the pandemic that suggests it’s anything other than the usual lot are trying to take advantage of the situation. Stay at home, wear a mask, and if you didn’t want right wing sociopaths carving wealth up for billionaires you should have voted for better leaders when you had the chance.

      1. Charger Salmons

        ” Brexit was obviously the result of a plot by neoliberals and diaster capitalists and far-right white nationalists to turn the UK into a deregulted hellhole that would enrich a few and strip the rights of the majority ”
        This is like a full house in student politics bingo.
        Hard to think a grown-up adult actually believes this stuff.
        You must still have your Che poster up in your bedroom …

        1. Joe F

          OK Kate whatever you say. I’d love to see what you have up on your bedroom, I’d say it would be good stuff old boy.

        2. John F

          I have absolutely no problem with the capitalist model. It has lifted millions out of poverty and increased standards of living across the board. It also allows for great levels of individual freedom.
          If anything, our problems have been helped by a lack of capitalism. There should have been no bailouts, no central authority, choosing winners and losers. But that’s by the by.
          EU official’s helped BREXIT, every time this spoke or gave a speech lecturing the English it drove more and more people to the leave side. On issues like trade, national sovereignty and immigration. The leave side made reasonable arguments.
          People often hold up Nordic countries as an example of socialism done right. Except these are not socialist countries. Broadly there is a strong capitalist underpinning in those societies along with a generous social welfare system and robust, well, well funded public services. Also, those countries have natural resources to export to help pay for all of this.
          Although not directly related. It’s no surprise that some of the countries most opposed to socialism and increased federalization were in the not too distant past socialist countries themselves.
          The simple truth is no system alone is perfect, because people are not perfect.

    2. f_lawless

      @John F
      I think it’s getting obvious at this stage that, like you say, behind the scenes there’s a major global financial rest going on and that the restrictions being imposed on us are being used as the pretext to buy time and to usher us in to this new system. At the end of the day, whether one believes the virus was released intentionally or that it was a natural event, the result is the same: global policymakers are taking advantage to put long-held plans into action.

      I’ve been saying it since about last August – that the cynical endgame would be to grind us down to a point where we’re so bewildered and weary that most of us would readily opt in en masse to these blockchain digital identities (in the form health passports) if it meant getting back to a sense of normality. These new identities are a cornerstone to the new system we being led towards. In order for it work, the idea has been to manufacture a form of consent rather than nakedly coerce us into adopting them

      I remember way back when there was a growing sense of alarm that every day the country was under lockdown, the economy was haemorrhaging millions and the resulting socioeconomic impact would be enormous. Now 11 months down the line we hardly seem to bat an eyelid at the economy when another month of lockdown is announced. I think it’s a sign there’s something going on that we’re not privy to.

      It’s interesting to look back at threads from early on in this. Here’s me pointing in early April out that lockdown as a standard policy was unsustainable.


      “Who’s to say there won’t be a mutation of the virus at some point in the future? Could easily happen. Or a new virus? Will we be content for the Irish state to put us in an open-ended lockdown for, who knows, several months on end, every time a similar danger is identified? Will taxpayers be forced to bail out banks and pay unsecured bondholders again in the ensuing economic meltdown? Living in a perennial state of crisis or emergency whereby the constitution is routinely suspended cannot be seen as living in a free society..”

      To which ReproBertie scoffs:

      “Do you really think the economy can handle this sort of shut down for long?

      Why is it that people leap to assume the worst about the future when it comes to “what if?” scenarios? “

  9. Joe F

    OK Kate whatever you say. I’d love to see what you have up on your bedroom, I’d say it would be good stuff old boy.

  10. Lilly

    The Tenerife dental tourism saga is a non-story. All it will take is for one person who is fined €2k to challenge the constitutionality of the restriction, and half the country will be off to Benidorm for Easter.

  11. wearnicehats

    There is no doubt that the UK is hammering ahead with this vaccination thing. The comparisons are quite staggering actually. Until you realise that they are hanging their hat on the first dose being more effective than any country in the EU. The UK are planning to push the lag between the two jabs out to 12 weeks where possible.

    ourworlddate.org shows the following – we’ll take Spain as an example (because of course, there’s no data for Ireland). As of 12th Feb

    %age of population with first dose – UK – 20.64%
    %age of population with first dose – Spain – 3.04%

    %age of population fully vaccinated – UK – 0.78%
    %age of population fully vaccinated – Spain – 2.14%

    Even if the UK can push the lag out to 12 weeks it just means that their runaway horse will start to slow in April and the rest will start to catch up

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