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David Donohue – The Barren Winter

You may remember that we concluded our You May Remember This series on underrated Irish artists last year with Carlow-born songsmith David Donohue.

Now David has released a retrospective of his work with The Floors on bandcamp called Six Long Years (top). It includes cult classics like Jesus Lived Six Years Longer Than Kurt Cobain and Love Song To My Guru and includes collaborations with the likes of Sonic Youth‘s Lee Ranaldo and Katell Keineg.

So it gives us the perfect opportunity to feature his beautifully written and sung The Barren Winter (above) with accompaniment by David Ayers and a nicely shot video by Amelia Caulfield.

Nick says: More please!

David Donohue

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2 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Hank

    Nick, I think you should extend your ‘You May Remember This’ series. It was very enjoyable. Plus, you never featured the likes of Sunbear, Waiting Room, Luggage, Woodstar to name just a few. So, you couldn’t possibly consider it to be complete!

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