Closing Argument



Capitol Hill, Washington DC, USA.

Following the acquittal of Donald Trump by the US Senate in the second impeachment attempt by Speaker Nancy Pelosi…

…Trump attorney Michael van der Veen explains to CBS anchor Lana Zak how Democrat lawmakers presented doctored and fraudulent evidence during his client’s Senate impeachment trial.



Taking it well.

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54 thoughts on “Closing Argument

    1. Micko

      Ah lads.

      He’s not wrong. The media is all over the shop in the states.

      You literally pop on one channel and it says one thing and the next channel is completely the opposite.

      Both can’t be true. And both sides are guilty of it.

      1. Shane O'Quinn

        Interesting all the critical thinkers on Broadsheet swallowing the msm narrative whole and having a pop at you.

        1. millie bobby brownie

          Interesting how supposedly intelligent and educated people eat up the anal leakage that passes for ‘alternative facts’ without question.

          QAnon anyone? Great Reset?

          1. Nigel

            Didn’t yet another Qanon promoter just get arrested in the US for posession of child pornography? So np, Qanon is not interested in saving children.

          2. Micko

            Nigel, agreed Qanon is a load of BS, but taking the horrible crimes of a single individual and using it to tarnish every individual in that group is disingenuous.

            Just because that man is a monster, does not mean they all are. Most are just misinformed IMO

          3. Nigel

            Yes. Don’t do that. That is bad. It’s certainly bad to build an entire political movement around doing that, n’est pas?

          4. Micko

            Agreed, it is bad

            I suppose it’s similar to the same way that Stalin and Hitler were both atheists (historians disagree)

            Do we tarnish all atheists with the brush of genocidal maniacs? Of course not – that would be silly.

            Or maybe it was their love of funny moustaches – I bet it was that? ;p

          5. Nigel

            No you don’t tarnish atheists or mustaches, you don’t have to because there were entire polictical movements full of people who ideologically supported them. Now it’s a bit unnerving when there’s a whole political movement whose central tenet is that its enemies are Satanic cannibal pedophilies, but you’re not tarnishing members of that movement, just describing one part of their ideology.

          6. Micko

            Nigel, I don’t claim to be an expert in Qanon stuff

            It sounds like a load of BS to me – what I’ve heard anyway.

            But do you actually think these people are dangerous? That they actually pose a threat to America?

            Why do you guys keep bringing them up all the time?

          7. Nigel

            Well, they believed a blatant lie about the election being stolen, which lead to the US Capitol being stormed with loss of life, and the Republican Party are so scared of them they didn’t dare convict Trump for his behaviour. They supported Trump’s appalling response to the Covid outbreak leading to thousands and thousands of deaths, somthing no other politiian could possibly have gotten away with without a core base of people for whom reality is negotialbe. They have thus shown themselves to be terrifyingly dangerous, capable of believing whatever is most convenient to believe at any given time, and capable of just about anything, and have a political party willing to pander to them. Sounds pretty bad to me.

          8. Nigel

            just like Bogart and Bacall
            starring in our own late late show
            sailing to Mar A lago

            *deep breath*


          9. Micko

            So how many of them do you think there are Nigel?

            Of the 70 odd million who voted for Trump. What percentage should be Qanon?

            Like, it can’t be that many. Is it not just a storm in a tea cup?

          10. Nigel

            More than half, according to surveys. More than half his supporters think the Democrats are baby-eating pedophiles (not an exaggeration.) Of the rest, I suspect you don’t have to buy in fully not to be cool with invalidating the votes of people with the ‘wrong’ politics. And Republicans have been the party of voter supression and the entrenchment of minority rule. The votes to convict Trump represent something like 63% of the US electorate, but he wasn’t convicted. I’d say the 63% is at serious risk of disenfranchisment by the rest in the future, leaving people who believe this stuff, or claim to for the votes, in charge.

          11. Micko

            So, we’re talking about 40 million people then yeah?

            40 million people who believe that claptrap. That’s a lot of folks regardless of what they believe.

            40 million is a pretty large political movement, so all of America better engage with them pretty soon, coz it sounds like they ain’t going away anytime in the next while.

            Unless they round em up and eat em… ;p

            Soylent Qanon

          12. Nigel

            ‘so all of America better engage with them pretty soon,’

            Engage with the people who will happily stop you voting and think you’re child-eating pedophiles? Unless ‘engage’ means ‘mobilise and organise to oppose on every political, social and cultural level.’

          13. Micko

            Well, I don’t know what course of action they should take.

            But, to put it in context, there about 45 million Muslims in western Europe.

            Now, I don’t personally believe what Muslims believe in and sure, just like every collective of people some Muslims are a little more “engaged” than others. Some members of that community have done terrible things in the name of their faith.

            But we would never suggest that all Muslims think or act the same. To do so would be ridiculous and disgusting.

            My point is, if there are 40 million QAnon supporters (as you believe) in the US and they are as dangerous as you think. What the hell is America gonna do?

            And how many people does it have to have before it becomes a serious political ideology?

            Makes no sense to me either way – but either does Islam, Christianity etc etc

          14. Micko

            And I’m not trying to pee you off here Nigel.

            I genuinely thought Qanon was a couple of hundred thousand nutters and you’re telling me there’s 40 bloody million in the US alone!!!

            So we’re talking war or peace here.

            Personally peace sounds better to moi…

          15. Nigel

            Micko, they held the presidency for four years, it’s already there.

            Muslims tend to share a set of core beliefs, but so do Christians, and that doesn’t make them a hive mind, for most of them it’s a question of private worship and personal faith. A political ideology, on the other hand, is different. They share a set of policies they wish to enact upon the public space. There isn’t anything sinister about that, it’s what politics is for, and how it’s supposed to work. What’s sinister is the ideology itself, and how a group of people for whom reality itself is malleable approach the mecanisms of politics, and how they react to being opposed.

          16. Micko

            I don’t really understand the whole thing if I’m honest. As I’ve said before I don’t post about the US as I try to focus on home.

            But, you’re saying they held the presidency for the last four years? So, is Trump the unofficial leader of Qanon? (I know that sounds daft – but I can’t think of a better way to phrase it) is there a structure?

            Is there an actual manifesto from this lot?

            Sorry for all the questions. If you could point me to some literature on it either or something similar that’d be cool. Ta

          17. Nigel

            Qanon is pretty unconventional. Trump isn’t so much the leader as the One chosen by God to save the world from the cabal of Satanic cannibal pedophiles. It’s also Extremely Online. Try this for some sense of it: It’s a rabbit hole.

        2. Nigel

          Were you one of the commenters that predicted Biden would never be president – AFTER the election? Where are they? What does Bodger have to say? I mean, unless it’s ‘wait and see,’ then don;t bother. Critical thinkers value falsifiable results. Predictions were made which did not come to pass. Have the critical thinkers reassesed their understanding of the situtation, questioned their assumptions, revised their conclusions? Come on, show your work, critical thinkers. We have to take you seriously now as a force in the world because the entire US Republcan Party is courting voters who think like this as a base. Show us what you’re made of. You all said Biden would never be president. Something ‘biblcal’ would happen. A trap would be sprung. Biden is president. The only biblical thing that’s happened is Biden trying to give to the needy with a bailout package that doesn’t go far enough and still won’t get support from the Christian right. No trap has been sprung. Justify yourselves!

          1. Shane O'Quinn

            I think Broadsheet likes to hunt with the hounds and run with the hares on this and many other issues (see how quickly they dropped Gemma). You have clearly made your mind up and are committed to life as a sheep.

          2. Nigel

            Bodger explicitly stated that he knew that white-hat hackers watched the voter fraud happening in real time, failed to report it but recorded the evidence, gave it to Trump who has been biding his time to let people who did not have access to the evidence make fools of themselves and for Biden to be sworn in as president and for himself to get Impeached a second time by Congress, and is still biding his time, which seems like an odd strategy to me, but I was told that it was so, by Bodger. Do you think that’s what happened? Where is the evidence? Why is Biden president if this, or any evidence, exists?When will the trap be sprung? If you like critical thinking so much why are you and other critical thinkers so averse to questions like this? Or is your idea of critical thinking a few disparaging catchphrases about the MSM and sheep? That isn’t critical thinking, bub.

      2. Nigel

        If one section of the media uncritically repeats the Big Lies of Republicans and other sections do not, this means Both Sides are At It.

  1. Dickydoo

    Meanwhile Biden took a long weekend in marlago sorry camp david

    So much for the great change

    Now the genie is out of the bottle it looks like no attempt to heal the divide has commenced

    1. Nigel

      The Republicans will certainly do their part to heal the divide by running more candiidates that unironically believe the Democrats are baby-earing Satanic pedophiles.

    2. george

      It’s some stroke to relentless demonise a party for 5 years then blame them for not healing the rift that you crowbarred open.

  2. Nigel

    ‘Trump attorney Michael van der Veen explains to CBS anchor Lana Zak how Democrat lawmakers presented doctored and fraudulent evidence during his client’s Senate impeachment trial.


    Or, in the parlance of the institution involved, Prosecution followed by Defence, which Trump’s legal team mounted, and which would have benefitted enormously from showing the Prosecution’s evidence was doctored and fraudulent, but which they didn’t.

  3. millie bobby brownie

    Is it just me or has the unseasonably warm and pleasant weather rendered people slightly… giddy?

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