Grafton Street, Dublin 2

This morning.

Via The Sunday Times:

According to one estimate, 12 per cent of retail units on Grafton Street, one of the country’s busiest shopping locations before the pandemic, are vacant. Department store Debenhams, which closed last year, has left nearly one million sq ft of empty retail space across Ireland, according to Neil Bannon of commercial property consultancy Bannon.

All told, it is possible that the equivalent square footage of Dundrum Town Centre will have been vacated by the fashion retail crash.”

Retail fashion falls into a sinkhole on the Irish high street (Conor McMahon,Sunday Times)


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14 thoughts on “Unfashionable

  1. Gavin

    Now that everyone is an expert at ordering online, and online retailers are now better at delivering decent customer service, will we see a reduction in brick and mortar stores.

      1. Col

        Probably replaced with cafés, restaurants, bars, tourist attractions, hair & beauty and “experiential retail”?
        Could be nice if well managed.

        1. Dickydoo

          The rents will put paid to that
          Bewley’s was €700000 per year plus hundreds of thousands more in rates before Jonny rowans land holdings upped it

    1. Dickydoo

      I agree
      Without seeing by the naked eye you really cannot judge the item
      It’s the feel of it plus after you try it on the fit of it and knowing that this compliments the way I feel

      1. millie bobby brownie

        I can’t buy something unless I’ve given it a good fondle first. And bought it a drink, obvs.

  2. wasntmeguard

    i read it as “the government now suggest we have the equivalent space of Dundrum Town Centre for new hotels”

  3. Johnny

    It’s at least 20% if you include shadow vacancy,stores open but in default,
    Dublin,please don’t waste a crisis,close btw the canals to cars,reimagine Dublin.
    Allow capitalism to work,the govt needs protect the workers not the landlords or retailers.

    “This week, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo gave the green light to a dramatic makeover of the French capital’s most famous avenue, the Champs Elysées. Promising to turn the 1.4-mile (2.3 -kilometer) strip from the Place de La Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe into an “extraordinary garden,” the city’s $305 million plan, envisioned by architects PCA–Stream, will roughly halve the space allotted to cars, greatly increase the area’s tree cover and seek to encourage more small-scale shops along the avenue’s flanks.“

  4. Dickydoo

    Soon there will not be one retail shop on graft on street
    The the fun starts as apparently every building is owned by institutions
    I think the last one actually owned by an individual was kenny white who owned a fashion out let called friends

  5. johnny

    some office stats from HWBC.

    -Take up for the full year at 1.61m sq ft is 49% down on 2019.
    – Googles decision to pull out of negotiations to take the Sorting Office in the south docks made headlines but not a major surprise, as they have 220,000 sq ft nearing completion at
    Bolands Quay.
    – Several advanced lettings did not proceed once the pandemic hit, and many deals in negotiations were either put on hold or dropped by the tenants.

    largest landlord on grafton st is IPUT-run by guess who-x NAMA chap,its a fund,report in second link.

  6. spider

    This has the potential to benefit microindustry… local more sustainable fashion retailers… they can run their online business out of grafton street units or wherever… better mix of cafes, wine bars, restaurants etc… get rid of cheap fast fashion.

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