Aaron Forde

This morning.

Further to the withdrawal of an offer to head the Shannon Group from Aaron Forde when details of his comment on social media were raised with Transport Minister Eamon Ryan….

Via Independent.ie”

In response to a tweet about the legal basis of public service cards, Mr Forde wrote: “Do the kn***ers who are collecting multiple SW [social welfare] payments have one.”

Mr Forde described the Green Party on Twitter as “clueless about agriculture, climate and lots of other issues”. When contacted he said he has “views on climate” as someone who spent their “life in agriculture” but added: “I wouldn’t say anyone is useless.”

In another post last summer he said Tánaiste Leo Varadkar is a “narcissist” and also called him “Leo the Leak” on at least two occasions.

In response to a tweet about members of the Traveller community seeking stables for horses on social housing developments, Mr Forde wrote: (sic) “Kn****red have the country robbed.”

In another tweet responding to a news article about the Traveller community, he wrote: “Plenty of interaction with them stealing, intimidating illegal parking etc.”

Revealed: Tweets about Travellers which led to withdrawal of Shannon Group chair appointment of Aaron Forde (Independent.ie)


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19 thoughts on “Knackered

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        something else btw

        how did this lad ever get passed State Boards vetting and shortlisting for the Minister

        just shows, boys boys and jobs for more boys
        doesn’t matter what party colours they have
        as long as its a lad

        same everywhere tbh

  1. Bitnboxy

    Guffaw! Forde’s sentiments approximate a veritable dulcet mating-call for GiggidyGoo. I’ve no doubt Forde’s mangled mendacious machismo delights Goo-pox.

    I’m keeping my eye on you

    AND your aliases…;-p

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