8 thoughts on “Their Finest Hour

  1. Tony

    Ah Bodger if you’re going to turn one of Charger’s comments into a post, you should really put his name on it in fairness ;)

  2. joe

    Anyone else notice the uncanny Jimmy Saville likeness in that terrible photo of the Blonde Bozo Boris?

    Credit where it’s due the UK’s vaccine strategy has been superb it’s only a pity that Boris can unfairly claim credit for it.

    1. scottser

      The UK signed a waiver for the pharma companies against any liability or claims arising from a mass rollout of an untested vaccine, along with handing over all of the testing and review data. That’s why the UK was given priority over the EU who wanted reasonable safeguards.
      Superb strategy or massive gamble by a desperate charlatan?
      Time will tell.

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