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London Underground station Clapham Junction this evening

Or something more sinister?

We may never know.

Large parts of the country were without electricity following the power cut, UK Power Networks said, with outages reported in the North West, South West, the Midlands and Wales.

The UK Power Networks tweeted on Friday evening: “We’re aware of a power cut affecting large parts of London and South East.

“We believe this is due to a failure on National Grid’s network, which is affecting our customers.”

UK power cuts – live updates: Nearly one million people affected by major outages across country with trains, airports and traffic lights impacted (Independent.co.uk)

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Prince Andrew named in unsealed Epstein documents (Mailonline)


The Sun reports:

Police have revealed there are more than 500 alleged victims and 248 clubs named in the football sex abuse probe.

The scandal emerged last year when a string of top footballers claimed they had been abused while at clubs’ youth systems and academies.

Police chiefs today announced Operation Hydrant, the UK-wide investigation into non-recent child sexual abuse, has now received 1,016 referrals.

This is up from 819 before Christmas.

Cops are now looking into 184 suspects, 526 potential victims, and 248 clubs.

This is an increase of 100 clubs, professional and amateur, since the last update four weeks ago.

Footie abuse scandal: 526 alleged victims, 184 possible suspects and 248 clubs named in football sex abuse probe (The Sun)

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West Brit In Oxford writes:

Could you please inform/remind your readers who are Irish citizens and have moved to the UK that they in fact have full voting rights in the UK, including in the upcoming general election (presuming they have a National Insurance number). I know it surprised me when I arrived on Blighty’s shores to learn as much after mere weeks of residency here. The deadline for registration is 20 April. The registration process is idiot-proof so you’ll be propping up the bourgeois state in no time.

Register to vote here


Speaking in the House of Commons today, British Prime Minister David Cameron had this to say about the ongoing Israeli military offensive on Gaza:

“I have been clear throughout this crisis that Israel has the right to defend itself. Those criticising Israel’s response must ask themselves how they would expect their own government to react if hundreds of rockets were raining down on British cities today.

I spoke to Prime Minister Netanyahu again about this crisis last night. I repeated our recognition of Israel’s right to take proportionate action to defend itself, and our condemnation of Hamas’ refusal to end their rocket attacks, despite all international efforts to broker a ceasefire.

It is vital that Hamas recognises the need to enter serious negotiations to end this crisis. In particular, we urge Hamas to engage with the ceasefire proposals put forward by the Egyptian government.”

On Friday in Edinburgh the Scottish Minister for External Affairs Humza Yousaf said:

“I have today written to the Home Secretary and told her that Scotland would be willing to accept Palestinian refugees and urged the UK to also play a part in easing the refugee crisis in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

It is essential that the UN should be allowed to independently investigate all civilian deaths to determine whether there has been any violation of international law.

Our offer of medical assistance to help the humanitarian situation still stands and we are currently in dialogue with the appropriate Governments and agencies to assess whether Scotland can give specialist medical help to civilians caught up in the conflict should should this prove possible.

The Scottish Government also believes that the continuation of the blockade in Gaza is exacerbating the suffering experienced by the people there and tantamount to collective punishment. For that reason I recently wrote to the UK Government to exert further pressure on the Israeli Government to bring that blockade to an end.”

Scotland prepared to accept Palestinian refugees (Scotland.gov.uk)

Prime Minister’s statement on Ukraine and Gaza (Gov.uk)

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