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  1. Nigel

    Of two minds about seeing that image put out there. It’s nasty and disgusting and she’s a kid, but if you ever ventured into the comments under her twitter feed, it’s representative of the sort of abuse she gets non-stop, so worth highlighting.

    1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      She’s an adult.

      She is also impervious to the online abuse she receives, which is testament to her strength of character and her commitment to her environmental campaign work. Inspiring woman.

      1. scundered

        Nothing to do with gender really, or the left/right argument (sad that everything seems to be shoe-horned into those corners). It’s the fact that we have a child dictating how the world should be organised, someone with pretty much zero life experience. The pushback is common sense. Would you allow your kids to tell you how to live?

        1. Brother Barnabas


          she was so cool before she became an autocratic tyrant dictating our lives according to her own personal whims and fancy

          it’s not right

        2. Nigel

          It’s gendered abuse, and anyone who isn’t aware that women get targeted for savage abuse just for being women is lying. She’s not dictating anything, she’s an activist, and she’s one of many, she’s backed up by a vast number of people, young and old, and pretty much the entire scientific establishment. She’s not telling you how to live, she’s asking for politicians to listen to the warnings of people who know what they’re talking about, which is what common sense would actually looked like if people cared to practise it.

          1. scundered

            There’s as much evidence for this being gendered abuse as there is for every attack on any politician of any gender and any age… stop being so bloody gullible

            If she was supporting some loony right wing views you would be up in arms, so stop pretending you care about such matters, when you actually see it as political

          2. Nigel

            Yes. Yes there is. Right there. In the picture. Gendered abuse. About a young girl. How is this even controversial? It’s pretty much a sad and horrible fact of life.

            I would be up in arms about someone supporting a loony right wing thing? Yes, yes I would, because I support Greta Thurnberg and what she represents and I generally oppose loony right-wing stuff, and I would manage to do it without gendered insults or abuse, or any sort of insult or abuse, hopefully. Why are you treating me supporting spmething I support and opposing something I oppose as a gotcha? Have you completely lost the run of yourself?

          3. scundered

            You think that this pushback is all because she is female?

            I think you may have lost the run of yourself as you regularly say abusive things about any conserative voices for example, you can’t have it both ways, either you are opposed to abuse or you accept it as a battle tactic… up to you to decide, but so far you are at war with yourself in that regard.

          4. Nigel

            I’m saying it’s an exacerbating factor in the abuse she receives. The ‘pushback’ comes from ignorance, stupidity, vested commecial interests and an entire political philosophy that has reduced itself to pure reactionary outrage.

            I’ve mocked people and politics of the right but if I’ve ever subjected them to the sort of abuse on display here, feel free to call me out.

          5. scottser

            scundered, the defacing of that mural is not ‘pushback’, it’s gender based abuse. she is being called a ‘soros slut’. you don’t have to get all whatabout about it. it’s wrong, simple as.

        3. george

          If was nothing to do with gender the graffiti wouldn’t say “slut”

          I don’t remember the David Attenborough mural being daubed with that word.

          1. Free

            Gendered abuse?

            The girl is wrong.

            In fact none of the climate doom predictions of the last 50 years have ever come true.

            That’s a big fat zero in the prediction game.

            And yet those of us who point out the fallacy of this bad science of doom are the ones censored and abused.

            How much are you fools getting paid to push these lies?

        4. Junkface


          I think you’re right there. Another issue might also be that she gives off strange body language because of her condition, I think it’s Aspergers. People take her the wrong way, it’s not her fault of course. I think she was too young to be thrown into the spotlight on this issue. It’s awful that she gets such abuse from right wing nutcases online, denying our climate change emergency. I like her passion for doing the right thing, but it’s coming off as over simplification of complex issues.

          1. Nigel

            You’re confusing a simple message about a complex issue with simplifying a complex issue.

  2. Papi

    That’s not a tag, that’s someone seeing it, going home, thinking about it, going to a store and getting spraypaint, coming back, and doing that.
    For what?

  3. Number Six

    Ugly choice of words and targeting the messenger is no good, the Thunberg machine and it’s operations deserves to be scrutinised and if needs be criticised though.

    1. Nigel

      Amazing that a climate activism campaign comes under suspicion purely because it is successful.

      1. Number Six

        Nothing to do with it’s success, which beyond indoctrinating some school children seems to have fallen flat on it’s face. It comes under suspicion because of her parents and other members of her team, also because people are waking up to what the carbon neutral agenda actually means in real terms for ordinary people.

        1. ce

          ” also because people are waking up to what the carbon neutral agenda actually means in real terms for ordinary people”…. farms that can actually make money and more sever ices close to home rather than everybody running to the cities

        2. Nigel

          The majority of people think that the climate is changing and that action needs to be taken, and politicians have yet to catch up and immensley wealthy fossil fuel companies are fighting it every step of the way, so naturally her campaign comes under attack in the most underhanded and creepy of ways. The US has rejoined the Paris Agreement and even careful centrist Joe Biden is in favour of the GND. Progress, held back by liberal timidity and entrenched right-wing profit-driven interests supported by increasingly strange and anti-reality populist ideologies.

  4. Dr.Fart

    some amount of loola’s in Dublin the last while. Their numbers are really growing. I was always comforted that we only had a small amount of lunatics, as we saw them grow and grow in the UK and the US. But they’re really gaining traction here now.

  5. Micko

    I wouldn’t be the biggest fan of Greta, but anyone defaming and ruining someone else’s art needs a clip round the ear.

    Even if ya don’t agree with the sentiment of the art, it should be protected.

    1. Dr.Fart

      the same people spraying over it would be saying they’re opinions are silenced “by the elites” are some nonsense.

  6. bisted

    …How Dare You…I think that header comes from one of Gretas speeches…an incredible spokesperson for her generation addressing the UN or some other talking shop in a language not even her first…talking truth to power…that she triggers so many is no surprise…trigger all you like but this is the first generation in decades with a simple message and they will not be ignored…gwan generation G…

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