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    1. benblack

      That’s not a dog.

      There’s a rat in my kitchen.

      Species equality – he’s a rat identifying as a dog – credit to the surgeon.

    2. Tinytim

      I noticed the name myself and thought ‘ that’s one of those jokes that is funny for 30secs..but you’ve to live with for 10 years’

      Fun fact: several other animals are known to be WAY better at this type of job but are not used due to lame ass excuses about them being less practical. Who doesn’t want sniffer elephants deployed at all the ports? Guilty people that’s who.

  1. f_lawless

    I have to say, Eddie Hobbs is talking sense in this online discussion from this evening.

    “The Post-Pandemic Economy – effects of rolling lockdowns”

    Goes without saying that RTE would never let him back on to share such perspectives

  2. Cú Chulainn

    ‘One day you’re cock of the walk… the next you’re a feather duster..’ what other newspaper would print that on the front page. Knowingly conscious or not, The Star continues to have an independent voice when all the rest are little more than propaganda rags of the rich.

    1. ce

      Fighting the fight against the lame-stream media and reality in general… keep up this important work good people at The Star!

      1. Cú Chulainn

        Not really Charger.. one of them has their tongue firmly in their cheek.. which is a good job, what with those hungry psycho gulls about..

        1. Charger Salmons

          And the other is owned by the same company.
          Bloody propaganda rags of the rich …

  3. Lilly

    Daily Mail nailing its colours to the mast. I didn’t pick up on any obsession with Kate in that interview. The DM was equally nasty to Kate and her family – ‘doors to manual’ – when she married into the royal family.

  4. GiggidyGoo

    And we are still being fed the line, this time by the Central Bank, specifically saying “none of the individuals are now working at the firm” (Dervile Rowland).

    But aren’t some (maybe all?) shareholders in Davy?

    What is she playing at? If someone is a shareholder still, then they still have levels of control of ‘the firm’

    Why is she spinning this line?

    1. benblack

      Name and shame is against the law.

      Unless, you wear a tracksuit.

      Threads, dude – it’s all about the threads.

      Spin that, spinstress.

        1. Johnny

          …must be in her 60’s now what,trying and failing to cover eu securities law with some ‘mammy” logic,she hadn’t a clue,no bother ah yeah I toss out some oul rubbish on sunshine,totally ignores lack of laws in Ireland on this,any on the way granny,ah well no one else has a clue at IT.

          Is it a older person thing or is she not embarrassed to write such junk,what is this,sing song ffs…

          ‘Since the news broke last week, that old Western singalong keeps going around in our head.
          “Davy, Davy Profit, king of the wild frontier!”

    2. Junkface

      Shock horror! An Irish firm was involved in investment fraud. Of course no one will be found guilty of anything and at the worst get a bit of a slap on the wrists. Meanwhile plenty of poor people will go to prison for crimes that are a fraction of the values of the Davy fraud. The system works!

      1. Johnny

        ….only stupid people get caught.
        The yanks never do,in some ways it’s a bit ah lads,like watching shamrock rovers run out against Liverpool,oh hold on….
        The context of the deal is extremely important as is the lack any irish laws then and now.
        If only you had conducted this in London…..

  5. benblack

    Best wishes to you, GiggidyGoo.

    Thanks for getting up early – never mind the naysayers.

    Again, thank you.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Poll Troll™
    ( Just for the lolz like )

    More evidence, as if it was needed, that Boris’s vaccine bounce has squashed Sir Kneel-a-lot’s popularity.
    Still, at least taking Ginger and Sparkle’s side in the smearing of the royal family as racist will help Starmer’s ratings… said nobody ever.
    Labour will only see a tangible shift in the polls when it stops confusing Twitter with Britain.
    They are currently 165 seats behind the Tories and that was from before a Covid-19 vaccine had even been thought of let alone delivered magnificently.

          1. Johnny

            Millie,I just finished yes yes stoned watching the remake of all creatures great and small,binged it,oh my the english countryside,so I feel charger provides me with a great public service….a link to that England,which sadly no longer exists…except in chargers and the daily express / telegraphs readers minds.
            I click on his links and read them yes.

      1. Charlie

        Seriously. I have never clicked on one of his links, ever! Infact, I have never gone beyond a second sentence of his daily drivel, ever! Life’s too short.

  7. johnny

    us numbers-h/t Axios.

    Time spent with digital increased 15% last year from 2019 to 7 hours, 50 minutes daily.

    Connected TV saw a 33.8% increase in usage last year, to 1 hour, 17 minutes per day.

    Subscription streaming saw a 33.9% increased in usage to 1 hour, 12 minutes per day.

    Digital audio saw a 8.3% increase in usage to 1 hour, 29 minutes per day.

    Disney said Tuesday that its streaming service Disney+ surpassed 100 million subscribers in just 16 months.


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