HSE CEO Paul Reid

Last night/this morning.

The pay package for the chief executive of the Health Service Executive (HSE), Paul Reid, last year increased to €420,103.

Via BreakingNews:

The increase in Mr Reid’s pay last year comes against the background of the numbers of HSE non-medical staff earning over €100,000 increasing by 27 per cent or 144 from 534 in 2019 to 678 last year due to public sector pay rises.

The FOI figures show that Mr Reid’s 2020 pay package is more than double the pay of the second best paid non-medical staff member at the HSE last year.

Mr Reid’s basic pay of €370,000 is almost substantially higher than the current salary of €211,742 for the office of An Taoiseach.

Mr Reid and the top ten best paid non-medical staff in the HSE — mainly managers — last year shared an aggregate €2m in pay.

Mr Reid commenced his five-year contract for the HSE on May 14th, 2019 and even though the Dubliner worked seven and a half months for the HSE in 2019, he was still the HSE’s best paid non-medical member of staff in 2019 when he received €229,194 made up of basic pay of €201,933 and €27,260 in pension contributions.

HSE boss Paul Reid paid €420,103 in 2020 (BreakingNews)



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25 thoughts on “*claps*

  1. Junkface

    The grift never ends in Ireland. How is this money well spent? Must be quite cushy to have a job where you can underperform so much without any financial repercussions.

  2. b

    it’s big money but a really big job, huge budget and headcount. The right person is worth that money

    also only a 5 year contract

  3. Ronan

    He’s effectively the CEO of a 67000 seat company.

    I don’t see any issue with the pay – who’d do that job for €200k? I know people making close to that as IT contractors.

    I don’t get this attitude that €100K is a magic number which most people should earn under, and that CEOs somehow should be limited to €200k.

        1. Cian

          In that case is the HSE responsible for decisions that Cervical Check made while it was an Agency?

    1. Brughahaha

      No he isn’t .He doesn’t have shareholders ( or more importantly fund managers ) breathing down his neck. He doesnt have specific targets that if he fails to meet will result in being fired. He cant reorganise or remove non performing staff . He cant incentivise staff .

      The notion that the lethargic , job for life Irish PS , or managing it is anything close to the private sector is utterly laughable ….and only believed by PS who want their wages ( but not pensions eh) “benchmarked” to high end multinationals (not the vast majority of the economy)

      It is frankly , a fooking ridiculous remuneration package , rife throughout our PS and Quango , which is why facilities are so awful, why number of beds are so low , why services are underfunded ……the money all goes on pay and pensions

      1. Otis Blue

        It’s an eye watering salary for a guy with a thick skin that offers us nothing but PR, spin and excuses. Where’s the badly needed reform and a new vision for the HSE?

        Remember too, that the Government is seeking to increase the salary of the Director-General in the Department of Health by a further 80k a year.

      1. millie bobby brownie

        It’s a play on the words “it’s all”.
        It’s all greed = Saul Greed.

        Please see other notable Sauls, such as Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad fame.

          1. millie bobby brownie

            I don’t think it’s an anti-semitic jibe, in fairness. At least I certainly hope it isn’t.

          2. millie bobby brownie

            A strongly worded letter is always your best bet in such cases.

            Or getting into a shouty tweet-fight with a random stranger on social media. Very cathartic.

          3. Commenter #1

            Personally I like destroying my mental health by visiting a blog daily for reasons which passeth understanding, and getting riled up by whatever is posted on there.

            It really passes the time.

            EDITED: to take out unnecessary rudeness.

  4. H

    This is truly shocking, is there no public accounts committee or national audit office to ensure that the public purse gets value for money and is not misspent?

  5. Stephen

    Simon Stevens, CEO of the NHS, is paid 195,000 Sterling a year which is 227,628 Euro approximately.

  6. K.Cavan

    Harney decided to streamline & centralise the Health Service, at great cost to the taxpayer but with the promise of improvement to the patchy but mostly dire levels of service the regional boards provided. The PS Unions were up & at ’em immediately, “streamlining” they said, “centralising” they said, “that sounds like redundancy talk”. Bertie, who valued his relationship with the PS most highly, was in like a light, “read my lips, no redundancies”. So the HSE was forced to keep on all the staff now surplus to requirements, laying waste to any benefit that might accrue to the public through it’s reorganisation. The HSE is full of duplicated & overlapping roles (4 or 5 National Directors of Communication, I believe) & is, if anything, worse than the old boards in terms of service delivery. A few years back, Fintin “Brexit” O’Toole listed the titles of highly-paid executive roles in the HSE & dared his readers to figure out what the job might actually entail. I doubt if many could. The HSE is an employment exchange for redundant managers, the government has, over the years, sent it’s best & brightest in there, all have returned, defeated, declaring the organisation “unreformable”, mostly adding “get me out of here”

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