Bygge Bo Watergate Street, Dillonsland, Navan, county Meath


Navan-based Irish baby concept store Bygge Bo have launched an ONLINE personal shopping service.

Sophia Heather writes:

 The new service was created to provide an informative, live, personal shopping experience to new parents that will help them simplify and streamline their baby shopping.

The service is free of charge and there is no minimum spend required for parents. Bygge Bo wanted to create a comfortable and supportive environment for expecting parents to make their baby shopping easier, and satisfy needs such as creating a baby gift registry.

The personal shopping service will enable parents-to-be to learn about and purchase suitable products for their baby from the comfort of their own home, on a dedicated personal shopping video appointment. Bygge Bo staff will provide detailed product demonstrations across products such as pushchairs, travel systems, car seats and furniture.

For first-time parents, the personal shopping service will be tailored to their needs.


Bygge Bo have kindly granted mother and Broadsheet reader legend Janet a new baby gift set (above) for her daughter, who was born last week.

In fairness.

Bygge Bo

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21 thoughts on “Bo Knows

  1. Tony

    ‘Broadsheet reader Janet’?
    Not ‘Broadsheet stalwart’? Not ‘Broadsheet legend’?
    You may as well call her ‘Broadsheet chatty mummy’


  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    oh wow , just wow , yis are after making me cry , that’s really generous and a lovely surprise, massive thanks

    1. benblack

      I’m sure you would have preferred a top of the range buggy.

      If I win the Lindt competition, the bunny is yours.

      1. Janet, chatty mammy

        nah , I already got my running wheels,that was an essential,
        I’m just delighted to have been thought of,
        it’s a lovely gift

        1. benblack

          First borns always are.

          Would you like to disclose name, pounds and ounces?

          If not, no problem.

          A newborn always brings a holy presence into a house, regardless of religion or lack thereof.

          1. Janet, chatty mammy

            that’s a lot of assumptions there Ben,
            no I’m keeping her private, Daddy is an ethical hacker and a lot less happy sharing info than I am ;)

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