O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

 RTÉ, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 yesterday

This morning.

G’wan the police state.


Nuremberg Rally Herbert Park, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 yesterday

Yesterday: Meanwhile, in Herbert Park


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32 thoughts on “Right So

    1. Joe

      In this case they do and no it’s not the Gardai and it was elements of the crowd that were advocating dangerous abjject nonsense in Herbert Park yesterday.

    1. Joe

      Being old enough to having been on two business trips behind what was then the ‘Iron Curtain’ before the Wall came down it always amuses me to ponder the mentality of someone shouting about a “Police State” in Ireland.
      They really wouldn’t recognize what a police state is if one came up and bit them in their nether regions

    2. Bitnboxy

      @Commenter #1 and @Joe +1

      Exactly my response. Police state?! FFS. Yeah, because the police in a police state are unarmed. The same individual who came up with this would be decrying police unprofessionalism and unpreparedness had matters got out of hand in the same way as the Dublin mob riot 2 weeks ago.

      I was relieved and heartened at the careful planning and police presence yesterday which averted any violence while also allowing these people to “protest”.

  1. Micko

    Urrgh. The “far-right” label again. Disappointing Aodhan.

    There’s not a far right problem, but an absolute schnake problem.

    Some of the stuff I’ve seen on videos would make ya weep.

    Delores Cahill jabbering on about “masks causing oxygen depletion and making people easier to control” is total cringe. Jesus.. FFS.

    This thing has been hijacked by total snake oil salesmen on both sides.

    One side telling you that this is the most serious disease ever and to blame the “far right” and the other side telling you that George Soros is trying to control your brain.

    Meanwhile both sides continue to go to the bank.

    It’s genius really and of course the actual truth is somewhere in between.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      It hasn’t been hijacked by the far right snake oil salesmen, it’s being led by them! No left leaning groups have come out in support of these protests because they support the frontline medical workers and min wage essential staff like shop assistants, cleaners, fast food workers etc.

      Your bias against ordinary, left leaning, frontline supporting people won’t turn this into a “but both sides” debacle, no matter how much you want it to.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          Very much so in this case. The racist, regressive rightwing in this country have latched onto lockdown discontent as a away to increase their numbers. Useful idiots who go to their rallies don’t like it pointed out to them that they’re supporting bigots and hate groups by attending.

    2. Nigel

      ‘One side telling you that this is the most serious disease ever ‘

      Why tell such stupid lies?

  2. MoRhustyDilis

    History will not look kindly on the politicians of this state when all is said and done. Once the left stood for freedom of speech and right to demonstration. Now they label it right wing.
    Notice how quiet SF et all are on the lack of freedom of movement and severe lockdowns.
    And some still think this is about a virus.

    1. Nigel

      History is going to have a difficult enough time with the idea that there are people who will avoid things like the plague, but will refuse to avoid the plague.

      1. Micko

        Ah here Nigel

        You said just above that some people AREN’T saying this is the most serious disease ever and I was telling lies for saying so.

        And then here you are literally comparing it to the plague.

        Come on man… consistency!!!

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      The left is supporting the health and safety of frontline and essential workers. We know that these protests against lockdown are anti frontline/essential workers so why would the left join racist led movements that are not in their interests?

      1. E'Matty

        Yeah, because Daisy here really really cares about the ordinary worker.

        Oxfam report says rich getting richer and poor getting poorer amid coronavirus pandemic. Worldwide, the wealth of billionaires increased by $US3.9 trillion between March 18 and December 31. But it could take more than a decade for the world’s poorest people to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic, Oxfam says.

        Wealth of Irish billionaires increased €3.3bn since beginning of Covid-19 pandemic.

        “We stand to witness the greatest rise in inequality since records began,”COVID-19 has unleashed an economic storm that hit the poor and vulnerable hardest, with women and marginalised workers facing the worst of job losses and the World Bank warning more than 100 million people could be pushed into extreme poverty.

        Covid-19 has cost global workers $3.7tn in lost earnings, says ILO.

        Daisy here and the likes of Paul Murphy claiming to fight for the ordinary man and woman all the while supporting the very measures that are driving hundreds of millions into extreme poverty. Daisy and Paul and their idiotic ilk all walking in lockstep with the interests of the global billionaire class in every way. It’s the rise of the Authoritarians.

  3. Kdoc

    Contrary to what they say, Yellow Vest, IFP, NP, ACI and whatever you’re having yourself, don’t want the Lockdown to end. It’s a golden opportunity to increase their profile and membership.

  4. AC

    The vast majority of Gardai are extremely good people. They took the job because they wanted to do good. It was not just a job but one where they have a purpose to do good. The normal psyche of people of these people is to do the right thing.

  5. Jake38

    If anyone wants to see a real police state they should have Smurf and his fellow Trots show them around Cuba or Venezuela or some other workers paradise.

    1. bisted

      …I doubt that Paul Murphy would see the term ‘trot’ as necessarily the pejorative you intended…nor would Clare Daly…but both have been victims of police state practices without having to leave Dublin…

    2. Micko

      You’re right of course Jake. This is not a police state.

      But, I can understand and empathise with how some folks might be concerned about us heading towards one. I’m sure the countries you mentioned didn’t become police states overnight. (Maybe they did – not familiar with the history) ;)

      The Guards were in my estate last night. I think they were breaking up a house party on across the road.

      Guards walking into your house in the name of safety seems really surreal to me. I can’t imagine anyone agreeing that is ok before this time last year.

      1. Cian

        I dunno. In my misspent youth I was at many the party where the Gardaí would call in to tell us to be quiet that there had been complaints from the neighbours.

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