9 thoughts on “This Just Skim

  1. Cian

    If it’d be 29c extra rather than 28c I’d have thought it was the 10% “convenience fee” that some places charge for not using coins (despite banking coins being a pain in the stones)

  2. Paulus

    Not defending this; but does expiry time of 12.10 mean it’s one minute into the next hour? i.e. 12.09 might have resulted in hourly rate as quoted?

    (Depends if expiry time was set by customer or by meter?)

  3. me

    Anybody paying for parking is a spazzer. Just stick the motor up on a footpath and you’ll be grand.

    1. Cian

      Don’t forget to turn on your hazard warning lights – you can’t be clamped or get a ticket!

      Article 61 Magna Carta!!! FREEMAN of the city!

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