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A Government plan to reinvigorate rural Ireland aims to breathe new life into dying towns and villages by transforming disused derelict buildings and pubs into remote working hubs.

The plan includes a pilot scheme to turn rural pubs into remote working hubs; the provision of public sector hubs in regional towns for public servants to work in their local areas, and a target of 400 IDA investments for region locations to create jobs.

‘Our Rural Future: Rural Development Policy 2021-2025’, the Government’s plan for rural Ireland’s development over the next five years, will be announced this afternoon.

Pubs to become remote working hubs in new plan to boost rural Ireland (RTÊ)

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28 thoughts on “Move To The Country

  1. Gavin

    The government has nearly every civil and public servant working from home, they have been handed the long pushed and overhyped decentralization of government. If we just return to the same old way of doing things it will be a huge missed opportunity and a embarrassment for government…(do politicians seven get embarrassed?)

    1. Clampers Outside

      The way you finished your comment, I’m not sure if you are supporting this or not…

      Me, I think this is a good idea. Govt/civil service has been forced by the pandemic to try working from home – full time and blended – on a grand scale.

      Is there any studies being done on the possible/expected savings or improved (or not) efficiencies? I’d hope so anyway.

      1. Otis Blue

        There’s a good body of international research citing productivity gains and cost savings. There’s not a huge amount specific to Ireland, other than some on the the short term effects arising from the response to COVID-19, some of which won’t necessarily endure over the medium term.

        There’s considerable opportunity for remote working in Ireland but my sense is that the Government’s response is opportunistic rather than particularly well thought out. Worth mentioning too that a good deal of the specifics and budgets referred to in the RTÉ piece have already been announced.

      2. Hector Rameriz

        Yep, central government have been asking about savings on T&S due to meetings/interviews being conducted via Oonline meeting rooms. (Zoom/teams/Skype etc) so I’m assuming relevant funders asking same for heat/light savings.

    2. Otis Blue

      I wouldn’t give much hope for the target of 20% of public servants permanently working remotely by the year end being achieved. NUIG released some research recently which suggests that, amongst all workers, public servants were the most keen to return to the office.

      Anyhow, decentralisation is meaningless unless power is also devolved. Little evidence to suggest that’s going to happen.

  2. goldenbrown

    ugh sweet jasus – yet more utter aspirational noise

    that spin dept. is on fire, I wonder what they’re trying to hide today??

    next up – Govt. plan to build TGV loop serving Dublin/Wexford/Cork/Limerick/Galway/Derry/Dundalk (by 2300 A.D.)

      1. Lurch

        Now Brian O’Linn’s house had no door
        He’d the sky for a roof and the bog for a floor
        He’d a way to jump out and a way to swim in
        “Sure there’s great ventilation,” says Brian O’Linn

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