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  1. Chevy Chase

    Minus points for the two young lads for not giving it the old “You should be ashamed Guard” and “You’re on the wrong side of history Guard”

    1. Cui Bono?

      It’s insane.

      There’s no one else upstairs on the bus, never mind within 2 meters of him.

      Masks don’t even work according to all of the highest quality RCT studies over the last 30 years.

      It’s global hysteria at this stage. Insane.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        There’s no one else upstairs on the bus..

        Except for the person who took the picture.

        1. Cui Bono?

          and then they can put a mask on if someone gets on and comes up the stairs.

          I haven’t seen that study, I’ll read it later.

          Putting scientific studies aside, if masks do work then why did they make no difference anywhere in the world? Compare US states and countries that don’t wear them with countries that do.

      2. Cian

        Masks don’t even work according to all of the highest quality RCT studies over the last 30 years.

        which one was that?

  2. Point

    I can imagine what went on before the phones were recording. Well done to the bus driver and guards.

    All for the tok… and other idiots online

      1. Bertie blenkinsop

        Open to correction but that looked like Ballyfermot area…
        And I doubt he’d travel outside his 5k

    1. Anti Bots

      Every single post about the Gardai (that’s Irish for police) you butt in and knock them. Is that the party line? are you a bot or wha?

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Did I mention the Gardai?

        But, seeing as you’re in auto-bot mode yourself, every single post I make you butt in with your farthing’s worth.
        are you a bot or wha? or just A Person?

        1. Anti Bots

          When is the last time I bothered commenting on any of your 10 times a day posts. I don’t get paid for posting on here. Euro or shilling? ah go on, answer a question.

  3. ian-oG

    ”I don’t care, I’ll sit on this bus all night.”

    Until he gets pulled off it.

    Some hero.

    I bet he cannot afford the fine either, his mammy will bail him out.

  4. ian-oG

    Just looking at Kiandoyles18 profile on TikTok, its probably only a matter of time before his limbs are recovered from a burned out car.

  5. K. Cavan

    Covid Cultists are, by natural inclination, Nazis. Support for Lockdowns, restrictions on freedoms, on Human Rights, using risible fake science as amateurish propaganda, demonising opponents, locking up dissenters, no-one with even the slightest affection for democratic norms would think this is ok, only a rabid totalitarian would actually applaud it. Covid is our Reichstag Fire, the NSDA never actually won a majority but once they seized power, most just “went along with it”. Not so long ago, these types were mad for a belt of the crozier, the small-minded, anti-social loners, the schoolyard snitches, the Conformist Authoritarians who love to weaponise altruism in the service of Totalitarianism, finally, their insane fantasies approach realization, I see yous, yous are mad.

        1. ian-oG

          Generally I do about most people but when idiots starts to make comparisons between Jewish and other ‘undesirable’ people being persecuted, tortured and killed on an industrial scale and having to wear a mask on a bus or staying out of the pub I find my sympathy flips 360.

          Its deeply offensive to the people who died and the likes of the Uighurs in China and the Rohingya people in Myanmar to give two current examples who are experiencing real Nazi like lockdowns.

          So let him lose his marbles, not sure the world would lose anything of value.

          1. Micko

            Ye see Ian, I’ve noticed this about some of the people on here. They really are aggressive to people, when they think differently to them. Throwing insults, calling them out etc

            I’m VERY deliberate in what I say (most of the time anyway), so while I may rip the pee and challenge people out on their beliefs, I’m always very careful to not insult someone directly.

            And as far as I can see YOU are too. You’re usually very measured, civil and fair.

            So, I hope that this isn’t a sign that stuff is getting to you and that you are well. :)

            Yer a good bloke dude

          2. ian-oG

            Generally I am Mick, but maybe K.Cavan could go and take a look at what is happening to Uighurs for example to see how bad things could really get.

            I tend not to get abusive, not much point but only being human I can get annoyed when I see that sort of hyperbolic nonsense.

            You’re a good bloke yourself Mick.

            Take care.

    1. Nigel

      I mean, we’re not sinking into dark, elaborate, paranoid fantasies, so we could be doing worse.

  6. chimpy

    Am I missing something here? Is he not protesting that the bus driver isn’t wearing a mask?

  7. johnny

    …looking more and more like his last place, the now disbanded,discredited colluding….a badly comprised occupying force.


    “The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) is also investigating claims of sustained diversion of funding to other purposes at the college, including alleged misuse of EU monies, which prompted the Olaf investigation.”



    “At that point he had been a detective for almost 15 years and had served mainly in the Mountjoy district in Dublin which covered the Hardwicke Street flats area where Browning lived with mum Julie.”


    -while a big beliver is street justice poor oul sandie byrne, has a right know why that dective “killed himself” in very odd circumstances…as we all do in the midst of such a high profile capital murder case.

    anyone seen the minister… still on leave ?

  8. jungleman

    Can only imagine what tourists think when exposed to these types on the bus. Irish society is not in a good place.

  9. MoRhustyDilis

    Yes indeed. Must be zero crime elsewhere. Several state vehicles needed for that alright. Tax money well spent. Easy target for the Gardai, this and elderly churchgoers.

    1. jungleman

      No relationship between this pond scum and elderly churchgoers. I’m not sure why you’re conflating the two. And they certainly aren’t an easy target, hence the large number of Gardai responding to such incidents.

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