Health chiefs defend vaccination priority change amid anger from various groups (Irish Examiner)



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Ah here.

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8 thoughts on “Vaxocracy

  1. eoin

    Rising flu cases in the US are correlating with vaccine uptake. You get the vaccine, you get counted as a case. How’s about that for insane.

      1. alickdouglas

        CDC data says there were <50 cases of confirmed flu reported on week 11 (week of Mar 15 I think) (via sentinel testing) down from a high of about 150 confirmed cases in the first week of January. Trend is approximately linear, downwards, since January. So few cases found by sentinel cases this year that any cases produce apparent jumps if you don't look at the scale carefully.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    As someone with compromised immunity who really really wants to get the vaccine, I’d be happy for Gardai and Teachers to get the vaccine before me . They come into close contact with a lot more people than I do.

  3. Micko

    Well the journal have just stuck up today’s DAILY COVID ALERT thingy.

    The report is in early today – it’s only 3:20 now. Usually it’s after 6

    NPHET must want to get home early to get out in the sun.

    Can’t blame them ;)

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