Covered By Aviva


This afternoon.

Aviva Stadium, Dublin 4.

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly tours a HSE Covid-19 vaccination centre in the Aviva Stadium.

Currently 18% of the population have received one dose of a vaccine, while 7.5% have received two doses.

After you, no you first, no please, etc.

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Almost four million vaccine doses expected over next three months (RTE)

Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

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15 thoughts on “Covered By Aviva

  1. M

    In 2017, a ‘hypothetical’ ‘SPARS 2025-2028’ pandemic ‘scenario’ published by the Bill Gates funded John Hopkins Centre describes the SARS CoV2 (COVID) pandemic exactly, including the month by month progression. It predicted a wave of adverse neurological damage 9-12 months after first administration of vaccines.

    Jan 2021 (Journal of Microbiology & Infectious Diseases)

    COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease.

    “The folding of TDP-43 and FUS into their pathologic prion confirmations is known to cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases. The enclosed finding as well as additional potential risks leads the author to believe that regulatory approval of the RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 was premature and that the vaccine may cause much more harm than benefit.”

    1. E'Matty

      Interesting to note the paper is from the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Bloomberg another billionaire heavily involved in global health. Like Gates, he too is one of the WHOs key funders. Of course, the idiot class never follow the money and think this is all Jesus like “philanthropy”. Thanks for the link.

  2. goldenbrown

    yeah meanwhile about that “safe” AZN stuff everyone had their begging bowl out for and were screaming and begging for any fag-end spares last week….

    “Up to and including 31 March 2021, the MHRA had received 79 UK reports of blood clotting cases alongside low levels of platelets following the use of the COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca:

    – 44 of the 79 cases were of CVST with thrombocytopenia
    – 35 of the 79 cases were of thrombosis in other major veins with thrombocytopenia
    – 79 cases occurred in 51 women and 28 men, aged from 18 to 79 years. It should be noted that more women have been vaccinated with COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca than men.
    – Sadly, 19 people have died out of the 79 cases – 13 females and 6 males. 11 out of the 19 people who died were under the age of 50, 3 of whom were under 30. 14 of these 19 cases were of CVST with thrombocytopenia and 5 were of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia.
    – All 79 cases occurred after a first dose of the vaccine.”

  3. eoin

    No thanks. AstraZeneca good, now AstraZeneca bad…but just for under 30s….if you’re 31 you’re good to go. Wait..what? Assuming the jabs are safe long term is just that…an assumption. I’ll take my chances with the pox.

    1. Joan Burton

      So I assume you be staying home then to isolate yourself from spreading it to others till everyone else has the jab.

      Good lad

      1. eoin

        It’s basically the flu plus. You stay home if you have the flu. You do not stay home if your have no flu. You do not hide away until the flu season ends. That’d be insane. You can stay in if you want. But pretty soon everyone in the ‘at risk’ category will have their jabs so it’ll be safe for super spreaders like me to venture out.

      2. goldenbrown

        can’t speak for eoin Joan but I’m waiting it out until approx. summertime 2022 myself so I can see how it all pans out at that point vaccine-wise – C19 is still very much a developing story imo

        I’m not a denier, weirdo conspiracist or a ratlicker – I do definitely have a distrust about Govt. and other authorities messaging in this scenario and I’m careful about what I shovel into my bloodstream thanks….statistical science or not.

        in the meantime I’ll continue to take sensible precautions, play the percentages, definitely take all available tests if they are available (lol, a major bugbear with me we should be flooding the gaff with test kits “twice daily”) but I will definitely continue to live my life the way I want to and I won’t be staying locked up in my bedroom for you or anyone else who feels that way. so there.

      3. U N M U T U A L

        I was raised to resist peer pressure with regards to experimenting with drugs…
        But please feel free to dabble.

        Would you fly in an experimental plane or eat experimental food?

    1. Mick

      I don’t know. My wife, my mother, my father-in-law, my brother, my other brother, his wife, none of them “connected”, all vaccinated.

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