Think You Know Dublin 8?



From left: skater Norah Stevens and Dublin 8 local slebs Andrea Horan and Veda launch the I Love Dublin 8 Zoom Quiz in  Weaver’s Square, Dublin 8

Eyes down.

Do you know the link between Rialto, Dublin and Rialto Venice?

Where is the ex-synagogue across the road from an ex-Protestant church that’s now a mosque?

What iconic rock song had its first ever Irish live performance in the National Stadium in 1971?

Well done.

Are you free Friday?

The I Love Dublin 8 Zoom Quiz.

In aid of a High Court action being taken by the The Players Please group – comprising 500 households – to halt a series of tower blocks being built on the John Player Factory site on the South Circular Road.

Via Players Please:

With a first prize of €500 and a huge selection of spot prizes from businesses across the community including concert tickets like Bon Iver, BBQ vouchers, Coffee for a month from Marlowe & Co and Free Pizzas, there are over 60 teams already signed up,

The Quizmaster on the night is local resident and broadcaster Esther O’Moore Donohoe and she has a fiendish collection of questions designed to test the toughest quizzers !

With guest performances from Camille O’Sullivan and Bell X1’s Paul Noonan alongside the questions!

Tickets here

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11 thoughts on “Think You Know Dublin 8?

  1. The Bottler

    Went to school with the nuns in Weaver Square in the 1950’s. Sister Rose was beautiful. However, the pigs being trafficked into Donnelly’s next door were always distraught!

  2. Peter Gaynor

    There ain’t no such place as Rialto Venice, The Rialto Bridge is in Venice, it is not an area. So much for the quizmaster’s knowing the correct answers. Yikes!

    1. Clampers Outside

      I guess the Rialto markets dating back to the 11th century are a figment of people’s imagination.

  3. Conor

    Fund a bunch of NIMBYS who get to live in a 2 story homes in the city centre? Give me a break, these eejits are preventing the development of hundreds of much needed homes in a city that’s crying out for high density apartments.

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