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New Yorker writer and CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin

This morning/afternoon.

Via BBC:

A top US legal analyst has been suspended by New Yorker magazine after he exposed himself on a Zoom call. Jeffrey Toobin, 60, also a prominent CNN commentator, has been in demand as the US election campaign intensifies. The incident, first reported by Vice News, happened during an election simulation involving the New Yorker and WNYC radio last week.

New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin exposes himself in Zoom call (BBC)


‘…This piece has been updated with more detail about the call. The headline has been updated to reflect that Toobin was masturbating.’

New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for Masturbating on Zoom Call (Vice)


Eva-Jane Gaffney as Aoife (above) and Eoin Ó Dubhghaill as Declan (top)

‘Le Ceangal, a Zoomcom!’

A new Covid-set web romantic drama on TG4’s young people’s platform Bloc.

Linda Ní Ghríofa writes:

Having met on Tinder, Galway-based Declan (24) and Dubliner Aoife (25) have gone on five tentative dates. Just as they are about to broach the tricky ‘should we both come off Tinder now?’ question, they are locked up in lockdown. In two different cities. With two different Wifi speeds. And their blossomming relationship is now on life-support

This brand new comedy series is devised and directed by Oisín Mistéil.

You’ve heard of Sleepless in Seattle, well here you have Gormless in Galway, and Hapless in Howth…

The first 2 episodes will be available at 1pm on June 26 (at link below) and weekly thereafter.


This morning.

At Trinity College Dublin.

Provost and President of Trinity Patrick Prendergast tweetz:

“Today, 7 April 2020, Chancellor Mary McAleese conferred 532 degrees by Zoom, the first time a virtual commencements has been held at Trinity College Dublin. All done in Latin. Congratulations to all our new graduates. The recording will be put on the web.”

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hype1hype2 hype3Long exposure zoom-outs, baby.

Long exposure zoom-outs.

Bored Panda offers the following instructions:

1. Use a tripod, or stabilize your camera on a flat surface.
2. Set your ISO setting as low as it will go.
3. Set your aperture to F10/F11.
4. Set your exposure time to 2 or more seconds. Then, when you snap the long-exposure photograph, zoom your lens all the way in our out to stretch out the lights you see.

Works on illuminated keyboards too…


The music video for Kalle Mattson’s ‘Water Falls’ directed by Kevin Parry contains a series of innovative ‘zoom slingshots’ through San Francisco. Explaining to Colossal, Parry sez:

The zooms are done by setting up a camera at each end location and filming the camera zooming in and out. The middle parts are done by putting a camera on the front of my scooter and driving the spanning distance. All that footage is then animated after the fact, only using a very small amount of the frames that were actually filmed. And everything is lined up, cropped, etc. to fit my needs. The spins are done by carefully mapping out a circle around whatever target, and picking roughly 36 locations to shoot a still from. Those photos are then processed, and lined up after the fact.

See all the slingshots as individual motion-sickness inducing, bandwidth gobbling gifs here