This morning.

Gardaí seized a firearm, silencer and ammunition along with €5,000 worth of suspected cocaine (street name: nose ning) following a search operation in Cherry Orchard, Dublin 12 earlier.

Name that ‘piece’, anyone?


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13 thoughts on “Extra Shots

  1. alickdouglas

    Probably a Glock 17 gen 3, so 1999 to about 2009 production. Would be rare enough sold in EU with a threaded barrel, so somewhat suggests a US origin rather than an EU origin, although it’s not impossible to get threaded barrels in the EU. Glossy mag looks like it’s from a different pistol, maybe a .22.

    1. Tinytim

      Not doubting you; I thought the g17 didn’t take an extended clip so was leaning to the g18?

      1. alickdouglas

        Glock’s main thing is to offer at least 4 models of each caliber, from ‘pocket size’ to ‘large’ (which are for hunting or target). So for 9×19 they offer the Glock 26, 19, 17 and 34, and the mags are theoretically interchangeable. The short mags don’t fit in the bigger guns, but the big mags do fit in the shorter guns (although they look daft, because they stick out the bottom in an awkward way). So the 32 should fit in any of the double stack 9s. Mind you, long mag in short gun is a quick way to spot a complete eejit.

  2. goldenbrown

    whatever it is it looks badly rusted to fupp and unusable

    also is €5k worth of some unverified white powdery substance really something to be high-fiving about?

    slim pickings down at Garda Press Office

    1. alickdouglas

      Thankfully this thread is an oasis for the sensible ones. Have you seen the other threads? janey macker…

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