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Friday evening.


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7 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. D-troll

    im sure there is some statitian that could look at the reported deaths compared to last year. and take into account less road deaths, accidents etc.

    id say late 2020 and 2021 will have far less deaths. as sad to say, anyone with a few years left in their life might have perished in 2020

    might be a good wake up call for people to get healthy, lose weight, exercise, eat better food. etc.

  2. Jonboy

    First thing, he doesn’t say there is a discrepancy of 2,300 in the report COVID deaths. He says the CSO reports sates that there are 2,300 more deaths than the same period pre-COVID. He then implies that the 4,300 deaths reported of COVID could be really be this new figure of 2,300, a discrepancy of 2,000 in the COVID deaths.

    There are issues with this, as D-troll points out above, as your not comparing like with like. There could be less road deaths during lockdown, there could be more heart attacks due to less exercise, we have no idea without actually comparing all types of death and adjusting for how COVID may have accelerated (or indeed the lockdown may have accelerated) these deaths,

    1. Liam

      a certain number who died in the first wave may well have died of the flu or other causes later in 2020. I think I read that death rates were actually down in the latter half of 2020 (think that may have been in the UK) and this was given as an explanation.

      Worth bearing in mind that the excess deaths were in spite of the lockdowns, even if the figures were lower than reported they’re not an argument against preventative measures. Most of the people using these figures are anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine, anti-everything except letting it rip through the population and seeing where the chips lie afterwards.

  3. f_lawless

    Even the 2,300 figure is suspect. It’s damage limitation mode in the wake of the Sunday Times interview with the Mayo coroner who stated that the official death statistics in Ireland had “no scientific basis”.

    Data analyst, Graham Neary, gives his perspective on the latest CSO report in this twitter thread. Worth consideration:

    “In summary: Don’t mix winter seasons, and adjust for population/age, and the first wave excess deaths disappear. Second wave still unclear.”


    “..When the current cycle is over, we’ll see the real impact of 2nd wave “Covid deaths”, and healthcare deprivation, on overall mortality.

    Until then, we’ll have to keep looking for answers in primary sources – and doing our own analysis, rather than outsourcing it to government.”

  4. Broadbag

    RTE is the virus!!! (Unless they say something that suits my agenda, then they’re grand like).

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