Late Debate [Updated]


This morning/afternoon.

Cork city.


RTÉ studios in Cork City

This morning.

A protest will take place outside the Cork city offices of RTÉ organised by the Independent Campaign for TRUTH & Proper Healthcare to highlight what it calls the station’s ‘betrayal of its duty as a public broadcaster; and will protest against its biased and one-sided reporting of the current crisis healthcare and Covid19’.

Speaking for the group, Diarmaid Ó Cadhla says:

“For over a year now RTÉ has given us daily reports of deaths and of illness spreading throughout our country, people are genuinely frightened. 

However, these reports have been less than half-truths, leading us to think that thousands have died from Covid19, when the reality is barely a few hundred.

CSO reports have shown us that there was no significant change in the overall mortality figures between 2019 and 2020; so NPHET, RTÉ and the main stream media have spinning a lie.

Today we challenge RTÉ and the other media outlets to organise proper public debate, bring on the doctors and legal experts who have been silenced, bring on the Government ‘experts’, and lets hear them all debate the issue.

RTÉ, will you do that?

In Cork, we ask RedFM and 96FM, will you organise such a balanced debate?


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20 thoughts on “Late Debate [Updated]

  1. Joe

    Sad to see Broadsheet giving publicity to the conspiraloon brigade. Advertisers will not want their products to share the same page

    What next? The Flat Earth society having a protest being promoted by Broadsheet?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      When the lockdown is lifted these head the balls won’t have a “mainstream” cause to draw attention to themselves so they’ll have to go back to hating foreigners and trying to cash in on that.

      O’Cadhla is a convicted fraudster and supporter of known racists Gemma O’Doherty and Dolores Cahill… But he doesn’t like masks so Bodger’s a fanboi. The enemy of my enemy… and all that jazz.

      1. fluffybiscuits

        Why could anyone hate Foreigner…I wanna know what love is a cracking ballad

        Maybe he is cold as ice?

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          If it was so Urgent, you’d think he’d have organised his merry band of ratlickers to turn up more than a couple of days before the bulk of the lockdown ends!

  2. Your auld wan

    It’s great when people unironically use ‘main stream media’ so you know that their opinions can be instantly discounted.

  3. Dame Lula

    The ‘media’ should remember that they are not immune from prosecution under the Nuremberg Kode.

  4. fluffybiscuits

    What is the collective term for a large gathering of people who are not of sound mind? – just as a matter of interest (nothing to do with the crowd outside RTE!)

    1. Paulus

      Dunno; but you reminded me of my favourite collective term – for photographers:
      A Clique.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      He tends to lead from the back. Send the peons out to do the protesting while he stays well away from them.

  5. V aka Frilly Keane

    Do you know what, you have to admire Diarmuid Ó’Cadhla all the same
    He’s been The Peoples Convention, an Irish Language Activist and changed the street names around Cork, joined up with yere Presidential Hero and her Changemakers and Anti Corruption Ireland (ACI) groups
    His last tilt at the Locals was under the Housing Rights and Reform Alliance (HRRA) – unsuccessful

    His Dáil run in Cork North Central led with – amongst other tags The Politics of taking responsibility
    Which kinda sinks when you remember his brush with SIPO
    And here he is – still going

    The man has energy to burn
    He should be given a Broadsheet Column

    So I reckon when all this Covid is Scamdemic and we are being lied to by Mainstream Media comes to its obvious conclusion
    I suspect he’ll go back to what’s already in the pipeline for him, Vulture Funds/ REITS, Foreign Landlords Housing and all that jazz
    Along with some more election attempts, and of course, a High Court action here and there

    He hardly took the Vax
    and leave himself having to sort out a career change for himself

    1. Ronan

      His gang keeps defacing the sign outside my house, (though it keeps getting a lovely repaint so I shouldn’t complain) which is a fair homage to the lady who gave my alma mater to Cork! Sure, some people went hungry but they were probably cripplingly stupid planting only the one crop.

      I’ve tried explain to people that I don’t want my street re-named after some scallywag independence rebel, because it will make people think I’m poor and devalue my house. The names I get called!

      Yes to Vaccines! No to historical revisionism! No to assimilation of the 6 counties! And the Teanga can go hump itself ‘n all, bunch of grant-chasing freeloaders.

      1. Formerly known as

        Keep trolling. The famine queen.I don’t think there are too many places in Israel that are named in homage to the Nazis. Keep taking the soup.

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