Meet Me At The Plaza



This morning.

That’ll learn them.


Thanks Bebe


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20 thoughts on “Meet Me At The Plaza

  1. nicorigo

    Also what completly unacceptable behaviour are they talking about?
    Young people living their life?

    1. dav

      “Young people living their life?”
      peeing in public and leaving their trash behind themselves??
      “Dublin City Council have released a video discouraging public drinking and littering in Portobello.
      Dublin City Council’s new campaign appeals to the public to respect the Portobello area and desist from outdoor drinking there.
      “In recent months due to Covid-19 we have seen an increase in usage of our outdoor spaces. The canal area has been a popular and valued amenity for all. Unfortunately there has been an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area” said Lord Mayor of Dublin Hazel Chu.
      “These behaviours include people leaving their rubbish behind and people frequently urinating and even defecating outside someone’s home. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the space but the above behaviours are simply not ok. Please help support the local community by being respectful”

      1. nicorigo

        Those things have been going on for years and dont get me wrong, I opposed to that, but so far nothing has been fenced off. If the urinating and the rubbish are the issue there, portaloos and bins could be provided.

        1. Fergalito

          Defecation as well as urinating. Portaloo = welcome, please sh1t on my doorstep.

          Crowd-wise around about 1000 people a night on Fridays and Saturdays. Is it okay for 1000 of people to congregate where they like and get pie-eyed (not in C19 regulations context). Good few domestic residences (nearly all) alongside the canal at that part so can understand the ire of the residents.

          Not sure if it’d be too happy about if i lived nearby.

      2. scottser

        in fairness j, that’s back on the council to provide waste bins and toilets, given that all the covid advice is to spend more time outdoors. don’t get me wrong, the department should be providing funding nationally for it – a bit of joined thinking would do no harm here.

    2. Andrew

      pooping outside? Is that ‘young people living their lives’ ?

      Yeah killjoys DCC !

      Grow up ffs!

    3. Conor

      The littering , the noise in a residential area , the widdling and dumping in the local area .

  2. Junkface

    Is this all because local councils do not provide adequate public toilets and bins? Install toilets, employ people to stay and manage them, make sure some Gards keep an eye on it every hour. Hanging out in the plaza for drinks shouldn’t be this much of a problem.

  3. Dr.Fart

    Dublin City Council have no love for the city at all. They’ve allowed half of it turn into hotels and pricey student accommodation. They do nothing for the people who live here. There should be bins and portaloos down the canal every summer, but they don’t because they think it encourages people to go there. So short sighted, as people will always go there anyway.

    1. Junkface

      It’s crazy. They are always trying to make Dublin more like European cities, in Amsterdam and Berlin along canal areas there are public toilets, some spots more than others, same goes for bins. This is considered ‘normal’ in running a city decently.

      “We’ve tried nothing and we’re all out of ideas! Shut the plaza down!”

      1. Dr.Fart

        Tourists don’t stay linger the canal enough to make it of concern to DCC. Honestly the ONLY demographic they cater for. If some tourists told them they’d like bins and loos they’d be there the next day. I remember when plans to turn James Joyces house of the dead into a backpackers came to light, DCC defended the decision by saying tourists would get a real kick out of staying there. We can shout all we like but we aren’t the voices they listen to and never will.

      2. Nilbert

        I lived in Amsterdam for years, Dutch men piss everywhere. On Koningsdag there are literally rivers of piss running through some alleyways.

        beautiful city all the same.

  4. Toe Up

    This is why we can’t have nice things!

    This reminds me of a work trip to Luzern a while back. A few of us got chatting to some locals one night and they kindly offered us some beers. We were walking along the lakefront a few minutes later and one of our group just flung his empty bottle into the lake. We were in a beautiful town and the locals graciously give us some free beer and this oaf litters as if he was at home. I was livid with him and barely spoke to him ever again after that.

    1. ce

      +10000000000 and more….. “This is why we can’t have nice things!”

      Totally – some idiots can’t behave, areas not policed, therefore nobody can go there.. seriously daft

      1. ce

        haha… thanks for the laugh out loud… I appreciate that somebody(ies) went to the effort of making the “nannyindex”

    2. JEH

      The biggest problem is the “as if he was at home” part. Why is this so normal and tolerated here?

      You often see adults drop trash on the ground and carry on, and I’m not talking about adult skangers. Like people you’d believe no better.

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