Pro and Anti-Antigen


This afternoon.

Government Buildings.

Tánaiste and Minister for Enterprise Trade and Employment Leo Varadkar launched an updated ‘Work Safely Protocol’ to ‘assist employers in reopening safely’.

He confirmed that vaccination will remain voluntary.

Via RTÉ News:

He said the protocol will guide employers on how to manage unvaccinated workers.

Today’s document incorporates the latest public health advice, and contains guidelines on antigen testing, vaccinations and ventilation to assist employers in reopening the economy while keeping workers and customers safe.


Mr Varadkar said they now had a “Government-endorsed” report on antigen testing, and acknowledged that many employers were already using it.

I am encouraging more to do so,” he added.

Vaccinations to remain voluntary as workplaces reopen – Tánaiste (RTÉ)





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12 thoughts on “Pro and Anti-Antigen

  1. Mr. T

    So long as they come with a disclaimer that “negative doesnt mean negative, it just means not detected – you may still have covid” then its fine.

    50% false negative is better than 100% false negative (situation if you had no test)

  2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    something tells me this is going to be an absolute pooshow, especially for my sector

  3. Feck It Lads

    Article 40:

    All citizens shall, as human persons, be held equal before the law.

  4. SOQ

    According to Professor Michael Mina (Epidemiologist, Immunologist, Physician, Harvard Public Health/Medical School) on Primetime- the two tests are not the same thing.

    PCR confirms the presence of Sars-Cov-2 but rapid antigen tests viral load which is a good indication of how infectious someone is- so rapid antigen is actually preferable. He also stated it is around 90% accurate but other people are saying that can be brought up to 100 by doing two tests in a row.

    Why the NHEPT cabal are so hostile is another story, but they are flying in the face of international opinion on this matter.

    1. K. Cavan

      PCR does not detect Sars02, how could a test be designed to detect something when they didn’t even know what it was they were trying to detect at the time of it’s creation? Even it’s inventor decried it’s clinical use & no doctor would ever diagnose an infection on the basis of a PCR test, without other, clear symptoms. PCR tests have PROVEN themselves to be utterly useless in practice, unless you’re looking for False Positives to justify scientifically ignorant, authoritarian limitations on personal liberties, which is exactly why they were used. That jury is no longer out, PCR tests have been utterly discredited.

      1. SOQ

        I know that viral load or count is very important in determining how infectious someone with HIV is- that low or neg is assumed to be not at all.

        But Rapid Antigen may be challenging more than just someone’s status, it may prove what some have been saying all along- that asymptomatic are not infectious- in which case the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

        I am pretty sure Leo knows all this- which is why he is now going against NPHET.

  5. Dr.Fart

    How is Holohan so certain about this? They’ve been vague and light on detail with every other part of the pandemic.

  6. freewheeling

    Aldi’s antigen tests might reduce attendance for PCR tests, causing NPHET to lose control of capturing “case numbers” out there. PCR testing being a nice little earner for NVRL might have something to do with it too. Fear of losing control basically.

  7. K. Cavan

    There are no tests to definitively detect the presence of virions, the actual infectious virus particles. PCR & Lateral Flow tests detect molecules of RNA, which are present in every RNA virus. This is real life, no Star Trek tricorders available, that’s just the facts. Doctors test for measles with an oral swab which, under normal microscopy, can reveal “clumped” cells, which have melted into each other as a side-effect, called Syncytia, of the Protein Spike that Measles produces on infected cells & that is still the most accurate test for that disease. If you’ve had a cold recently, you will produce a positive PCR test. Mass testing, involving huge amounts of cross-contamination has made the whole thing into an absolute farce, as shown, surprisingly, on the BBC. There is no test for virions & only virions can infect a cell. This is all about making life, work, travel, socialising, etc as difficult as possible for everyone. Vaxxed & unvaxxed, you’re all Useless Eaters to the Elites, they want you gone, they don’t want your CO2 emissions, your mountains of garbage, your lakes of urine, your horrible children, they hate you, all of you. As the Big O said “it’s over” but like a lovesick teenager, the people just won’t accept it, not yet, anyway.

  8. Liam Deliverance

    Could an employee chose not to answer their employers question on whether they have been vaccinated or not?

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