You Might Want To Sit Down





Nothing to see here.

Go about your business.

11 thoughts on “You Might Want To Sit Down

    1. Tony

      MacSharry knee-jerked so hard he kneed himself in the nads.

      There’s a lesson there for all outrage-trufflers.

      But they won’t learn it!

  1. george

    20mins before this was posted on Broadsheet he posted a second tweet saying the local authority have told him that the bench were painted today. So why post it without including that tweet?

    1. George

      And yet the post is still here without McSharry’s retraction and instead just someone else speculating it might have been painted as though it is an open question. This is very poor. Add McSharry’s tweet that contains the truth.

  2. Chimpy

    Its wet paint ffs. Sit down if you feel like it, but dont come crying when youve ruined your lovely new chinos.

  3. ce

    Bit of glass imbedded into the wall too, just to get the message across… no sitting…

    1. Mick

      No, but they’ve been blocked for cars so that there’s extra space for people to pass each other walking and maintain a 2m distance. There is a very large car park about 100m back from the sea-front.

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