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Alberta, Canada.

Calgary pastor Artur Pawlowski was made to kneel while being arrested for committing the crime of holding a church service, which violated Alberta’s public health orders. The pastor kicked out police from his church last month calling them ‘Gestapo’.

That’ll learn him.

Calgary COVID-19 dissidents vow to resist court order (Calgary Sun Herald)

Pic via Twitter


Restrictions in Australia’s New South Wales forbids dancing…

except at weddings.


In Washington DC:

As wedding season kicks off in May, D.C. has a strict new rule in place. Guests cannot dance or stand during a wedding cocktail hour or reception...For some couples no dancing and standing is a deal breaker so they’re looking to move their wedding to a place where restrictions are looser like their hometowns or Virginia or Maryland. In Virginia, weddings are capped at 50 people indoors and 100 outdoors.

However, starting May 15, those numbers will increase to 100 people inside and 250 outside. Over in Maryland, outdoor and indoor venues can operate at 50% capacity. Both states do not have any sort of ban on dancing and standing during weddings like there is in D.C.

New restriction at DC weddings is turning brides and grooms away (Fox)

Last night.

Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One.


Listen to the music.

She’s evil!

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar at Dublin castle yesterday

This morning.

Dermot & Dave show on Today FM.

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar said:

“We expect there may be 10 to 15 per cent of people who will refuse the vaccine and just don’t want it, although, they may change their minds if the ability to travel and attend mass events is linked to it

“…What we really need for this to work fully is to get about 80 per cent of people vaccinated, that’s where you start to hit herd immunity, where the virus just doesn’t have anywhere to go.”

Varadkar fears Covid-19 vaccine ‘apathy’ (BreakingNews.ie)






Ah here.


Via Irish Times Letters:

The news that just 0.1 per cent of cases of Covid are traceable to outdoor activity is shocking The Government has closed parks, bathing spots, children’s sports training, golf, tennis, rowing, and even fishing which, by its very nature of casting a line with a hook on the end, tends to dictate social distancing.

This information has had to be available to those who make these decisions. It is truly shocking that people have been denied access to sports, social meetings and some forms of exercise. A reversal is not only important, it’s vital.

Irish Times Letters