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Reader Feargus has won the beautiful set of new Irish Walk prints by Offaly-born, Dublin-based graphic designer Emily McKeagney (available at Jam Art Prints).

We asked for your favourite walk.

Feargus replied:

My favourite walk – especially in lockdown – has been the short but steep climb up Croghan Hill in Emily McKeagney’s native Offaly. It may only be a little over 200m high but the panoramic views are amazing at that elevation; across the local bogs and meadows; over to the Hill of Uisneach and down to the Slieve Blooms; and further afield to Wicklow, Down, Tipperary and Galway.  Catch it on a day of scudding clouds and the play of light across the landscape is mesmerizing. The beautiful carvings and haiku engravings at the summit are an intriguing interpretation of the hill’s volcanic origins and its folklore. A plaque at St Patrick’s Well commemorates the time pope John Paul II flew over the Croghan Hill on his way to Clonmacnoise, although it doesn’t mention that he was in a helicopter at the time. Hopefully Emily will be inspired to add it to her series.

Thanks all.

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6 thoughts on “Walked It

    1. Donald McCarthy

      In Leitrim I once saw the sun with my bare eyes and it’s even further away than Down.

  1. Fergalito

    “Fe..” … oh, it’s got an “..argus” after it … :-(

    Well done Feargus, sounds like a stunning walk, beautiful set of prints, you’ll have to visit the real locations in person now !

  2. Feargus

    Thrilled – thank you Jam Art & Broadsheet – and I really hope Emily McKeagney does create a print for Croghan Hill and I can add it to my new collection!
    Do visit Croghan Hill username..- it may be low but Down is high.
    Oh Janet, Hector – I’m nearly envious of myself at winning.
    And thanks Fergalito – that’s quite a challenge!
    Hope yous all get good walks in this weekend.

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