Days Like This [Updated]


This afternoon.


This morning.

Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.


Last night

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4 thoughts on “Days Like This [Updated]

  1. Donald McCarthy

    Van can’t sell but can be cancelled. Too many singers these days opening their mouths and spouting crap when they should sing and then shut the fupp up.

  2. K. Cavan

    Yes, we don’t want citizens, even if they’re singers, commenting on the actions of the Reich, right? Everyone must comply with the orders of the elected government, the unelected EU, WHO, WEF, UN, & any other bunch of globalist thugs that appoint themselves to positions of authority. Broadsheet, where do you collect these antique fascists from?

    1. Donald McCarthy

      Wee Ian went from chanting “Robin Swann is dangerous” to announcing “Robin Swann is not dangerous” in an amusingly short time. Anonymous commentators don’t expect people to pay much attention but the famous and the famously stupid use their platform to misinform. Then they cry like whipped snowflakes when their idiocy is mainstreamed.

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