Was It For This?



This morning.

Fenian Street, Dublin.

A mural by street artist Shane Ha of footballers Jack Grealish and Declan Rice, who represented Ireland in the past but now play for England. Paddy Power will pay a €20k ‘backstabber bonus’  should either Grealish or Rice manage to score during the Euro 2020 tournament kicking off on Sunday.


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16 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Broadbag

    PP really are a lowest common denominator outfit, dressing gambling up as ‘bants’ to catch immature teens nice and early.

    1. Chimpy

      In fairness though, theyre having proper bants. Not so many brands out there doing that these days.

      1. Charlie

        They’re the low life’s of bookies, although they know their market. Their market is the scrote and scrotes love the cheap bantz. There’s nothing a scrote love more than beer, gambling and cheap laughs. It’s no coincidence that there’s always a boozer very close to a bookies.

  2. Bertie blenkinsop

    It’s only a wind up if you bite.

    Grealish is a wonderful footballer, I love watching him, if he keeps his head he could be a global star.

    1. scottser

      ‘the reason grealish is fouled so much is because he takes too many touches on the ball’.
      – johnny giles

        1. scottser

          from the wisdom of johnny giles:
          31: “The great players, after their first touch, have more time and space than they had before they touched it. The more touches, the more time and space. With bad players, it works the opposite way. The more touches, the less time and space they have, and they seem to be inviting players around them.”



    2. RuilleBuille

      Grealish is a serial diver. The top European refs won’t fall for that.

      A wonderful footballer though.

  3. The Dude

    I would look forward to swift enforcement for unauthorised development by the Local Authority.

    But alas this is Dublin, so it is not as if the Local Authority is likely to notice, or that there will be serious repercussions for offenders .

    I see Dublin has dropped 58 places down the Livable City index in the last 6 months.

    Is there a worse managed capital city in the EU?

  4. eamonn

    Once again, football begins the long and arduous journey home.
    The heroes in white just have to smuggle it past various incarnations of johnny foreigner to get it back among the bluebirds at the white cliffs.
    It hasn’t been done in a while to be fair – but I hear they are already arranging the parade.
    all about the bantz innit !
    I reckon that mural might as well have a target on it though

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