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  1. Junkface

    All of the on-street dining does make the place look very summery and friendly. Nice to see.

      1. SOQ

        Absolutely- and both have taken specialist advice which we can only assume was different- so much for the science eh?

          1. SOQ

            No it hasn’t- what are the differences between the advice given to the British government and the Irish one? Because you can be certain that neither is deviating too far from it.

            What is happening in the north is proof that all of this outdoor nonsense is not necessary and an extra 20 odd % vaxed makes frig all difference.

          2. Tom J

            I have no idea what advice the British government is being given by their medical people but a lot of people died in that particular jurisdiction. The Republic of Ireland is going by the advice of it’s own medical people, as it should be and not following decisions made by the British.

          3. SOQ

            OK well- that dispels the up north ‘conspiracy myth’ of the upper levels of HSE being riddled with MI5/6 incompetence so.

          4. SOQ

            And would you be of the ‘woke’ or the ‘awake’ or just an Irish SME business owner who would hang every single politician from the nearest lamp post or tree?

          5. Tom J

            Are you talking about Covid deaths or gun shot deaths, or maybe they were all vaccinated.

    1. Cian

      They have higher vaccination rates.

      NI: 42% fully vaccinated; 60% at least 1 dose (18% only 1 dose)
      Ireland: 21% fully 45% at least 1 dose (24% only 1 dose)

      1. SOQ

        A few more weeks of the usual seasonal decline in cases and the vaccine will be a complete success! – Dr. Marcus De Brun.

        1. Cian

          Indeed. I believe the numbers of adults here are 31% (fully) and 61% (at least one)

          However the point was NI has double the rate of *full* vaccinated (you can count as a % of adults or total)

    2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

      FYI, Michael Portillo’s ‘Partition, 1921’ is on the RTE Player.

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