English Blood, Irish Heart


This morning.

Via RTE:

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service is to import blood from the NHS Blood Donation service in England to address a shortage in blood supply here.

It said 115 units of Rh Negative blood groups – O negative, A negative and B negative – are being collected in Manchester today, adding that these stocks were under particular pressure.

The IBTS said it had not imported blood in bulk since the late 1990s, but said it does occasionally import a small number of rare blood units.

IBTS to import blood from England due to shortage (RTÉ)



Must be something going around.

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19 thoughts on “English Blood, Irish Heart

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I was thinking, ‘Younger? That song isn’t that old…. ”
      And that was his comeback!

  1. Nicelives

    For years they’ve been refusing blood from Irish residents who had previously resided in the UK because of the mad cow, now we’re going straight to the source, interesting times.

    1. ian-oG

      I usually give blood twice a year but haven’t since all this lockdown stuff. Will be back to doing so as soon as though.

      I think everyone should try to do it even just once in their life? Hopefully my blood was of benefit to someone along the way?

    2. VSBeetle

      Those of us transplanted from the UK aren’t allowed either. Should they change that then, if it’s so desperate. It’s been years and I’m only about half mad, sure it’ll be fine.

  2. frank

    After nearly 4 years of cancer treatment. Transfusions postponed. Appointments postponed. Heartache and worry.

    We nearly always have a shortage of blood.
    Give blood.

    1. Mr. T

      Cutbacks on clinics have made it harder to donate.
      In many counties clinics only in 1 or 2 towns – 1hr drive to the nearest clinic not doable for many.

    2. alickdouglas

      Not that many years ago I tried to give blood, and turned up at the clinic. Form had the usual stuff, no HIV, no hepatitis, no travel to malaria endemic areas and ‘NO BRITISH’ on it or something. Filled it in and handed it over and the administrator said, ‘I’m sorry we don’t take blood from British people, can’t you read?’, and I responded ‘euh, I’m not British, I’m Irish’. They gave me a filthy look and said ‘it’s the SAME THING!’. Never tried since…

        1. alickdouglas

          Ah, don’t live in Ireland, here the rules remain in place for BRITISH PEOPLE!!!!! sigh.

        2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

          Unfortunately the folk who wanted to donate were and are still turned away and the ones that are eligible couldn’t be bottomed.

  3. Slightly Bemused

    Sadly they will not take mine. Bitten by a few too many little critters, but sadly none of them made me immortal – quite the opposite, I suspect.

    While I cannot, I would encourage those who can to do so. It is important.

    But if you cannot, and there are many reasons for this, don’t.

    In college, we did an outing every year to donate. I remember one time a colleague, a somewhat diminutive lady, barely passing the weight test. We all think she secretly held on to her handbag. They stopped taking anything after less than half a unit drawn as it was clear she was fading. We watched over her for the rest of the afternoon, but all she could do was lift her head when we asked anything and say “Thursday!”

    To this day “Thursday” is my go to response when I have not a clue what is happening!

    Just in case you are wondering, she was fine. We watched over her until the medics arrived. We were worried about her. But the next day (Wednesday!!) she bounded back in to the room right as anything.

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