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  1. William Campbell

    I wonder why they go to YouTube rather than the highly-effective Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (vaers.hhs.gov)? This system has already picked up blood clotting events that happen vastly less often than these people claim their side-effects happen.

    1. William Campbell

      And this is your occasional reminder that of the supposed 400 seriously disabled/dead girls that REGRET claim to represent, of whom 200 are on 24-hour suicide watch, not a single one of them has reported their case to the HPRA, and not a single one of them has even initiated a legal action for damages. It’s almost like they don’t exist…

      1. Bitnboxy

        Absolutely shocked by this. Obviously deep state actors are suppressing these reports. Obviously.

    2. General Public

      YouTube has a much wider viewer field and some may already have accounts with Google and/or YouTube.

      1. William Campbell

        All medical professionals are legally required by law to report any suspected side effects. Are you seriously saying that every single one of these people’s doctors, nurses and pharmacists are risking their career by failing to make that report because mumble deep state mumble mumble Soros?

        1. General Public

          I never seriously said any of that, calm down there William and refrain from the snide remarks which are frankly below you.

          1. Slave to the Rhythm

            Try to refrain from them yourself there occasionally pal before pointing the finger at others. Though this is not below you but your actual level.

    3. SOQ

      Do you honestly think these people rushed to YouTube before attempting to get the proper medical support and reporting their symptoms to VAERS?


      1. William Campbell

        Yes, I really do. Real side effects, such as the blood clot issue were identified and dealt with via VAERS. The reports are publicly available, and can be made by anyone. If they had gone to VAERS, they could point to the records, and ask why they weren’t being investigated.

        1. f_lawless

          Sorry but let’s be frank here. This is just despicable trolling.

          Here’s a recent news conference organised by Sen. Ron Johnson where some of the same people and family members in the above video tell their stories regarding adverse reactions to COVID vaccines.


          The story of 13 year old Maddie de Garray is particularly poignant. Her mother volunteered her for the Pfizer trial on children. In the first 24 hours: severe abdominal and chest pain. Painful ‘electrical shocks’ down her neck and spine that forced her to walk hunched over. Extreme pain in her fingers and toes. Taken to ER by parents but sent home next day,. Although the discharge papers stated “adverse effect of vaccine initial encounter” that was the last time vaccine adverse effect was recorded in documentation . Over next two months pain became unbearable. More symptoms developed including dizziness, seizures, loss of feeling from the waist down, severe and irregular heavy menstrual cycles.She’s currently in a wheelchair with a tube in her nose for nutrition.

          Mother: “Because (the doctors) couldn’t explain what was happening to her, one physician tried to label her as having anxiety. ..At one point they even tried to admit her to a mental hospital. Maddie volunteered for the Pfizer trial. Why aren’t they researching her to find out what happened so other people don’t have to go through this? Instead they’re just saying it’s mental. All we want is for Maddie to be seen, heard and believed because she has not been. She was totally fine before this. She did the right thing trying to help”

          1. Ronan

            1. Mother signs child up for a medical trial.
            2. Child reports serious side effects but is discharged from hospital as they didn’t find anything wrong with her.
            3. Child reports continued side effects
            4. Medial professionals can’t find anything wrong are suggesting a mental condition.
            5. Child has a wheelchair and feeding tube? Prescribed by same doctors who claim her condition is mental? I’m not a medical professional so I don’t know, but genuinely does anyone know if Doctors tend to prescribe such equipment/treatment to someone without an issue that they recognise?

            The Mother/Maddie was doing “the right thing trying to help”.

            Opportunist attempt to generate a class-action suit if you ask me.

          2. SOQ

            By that logic Tom J- when they start stabbing- sorry jabbing- children here, every parent who signs a consent form can afterwards be told it is their own fault too?

          3. Tom J

            When an adult volunteers to take a vaccine, they are responsible for their own welfare. When an adult volunteers a child, the adult is responsible for the child’s welfare.

          4. f_lawless

            Another troll? Must be. You either didn’t watch the mother’s testimony and/or are deliberately trying to misrepresent it. Either way it’s an appalling comment. You should be ashamed of yourself.

            2. The doctors at the initial ER visit did of course find something wrong with her as she was “given an IV with some medicine” and in her discharge papers from the hospital the diagnosis stated “adverse effect of vaccine initial encounter” Also one initial symptom was that her fingers turned white and were cold to the touch. Hardly all in her head, is it?
            4. As he symptoms continued to occur, the first set of doctors didn’t find out what excalty was causing them but according to mother, a lack of tests were carried out. It was only later that other doctors carried out other tests such as an MRI of her brain, an MRV and a “bunch of additional blood tests”.
            5. No, not the same doctors who prescribed equipment/treatment. The parents sought out additional opinion from different medical professionals. Since that period ” Maddie has been to ER 9 times over the past 5 months and hospitalised 3 times for a total of 2 months”

          5. Tom J

            Why don’t you read your own post. The part where you say her mother volunteered her for the vaccine.

    4. f_lawless

      Great piece of circular logic there William. VAERS is “highly-effective” because it’s “already picked up blood clotting events that happen vastly less often than these people claim their side-effects happen”.

      Also, “these people” are recounting their own experiences as individuals. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and reflect why you felt the urge to attack them and put your own spin on it?

      I remember way back in April 2021 when the high-level of Covid vaccine side effects being reported in VAERS was being attacked as “Fake News”. What ever argument suits the moment, I guess.


      “..the VAERS database has virtually no guards against its potential role as a source of “fake news” and is credulous of even the most fanciful claims of COVID-19 vaccine side-effects.

      ..With reported deaths linked to the COVID-19 vaccine on this database at such high levels, the CDC must confront the likely prospect that anti-vaccine activists are purposely submitting false reports to inflate mortality numbers and heighten community fears over the coronavirus vaccine. “

      1. William Campbell

        There are literally zero barriers to entering data in VAERS, so it is entirely reasonable to view its contents through that lens. Nevertheless, it’s useful for identifying a data signal too faint to be picked up in clinical trials, such as the AstraZeneca blood clotting issue.

    5. Kdoc

      Because they know the real medical experts always in the comments section on social media.

  2. Bitnboxy

    Lol! Classic Bodger. The latest public service announcement – vaccination is for numpties! Beware the vaccine. Vaccine carnage. Wake up sheeple!

    Or my personal favourite “mass genocide”.

    Carry on Bodging!

  3. General Public

    Please ignore the taunts Bodger and keep posting, it’s very much appreciated.

      1. SOQ

        You think that people appealing for help because of potentially lifelong vaccine injuries is funny?

        Yeah, YOU probably do.

  4. goldenbrown

    munchausen americans on drphil daytime tv


    sorry but I’m just getting sick and tired of all this noise

  5. Dan

    Just when you think this website couldnt go any lower, it really does…

    I wonder what John thinks of it all really, considering the great reputation this site used to have compared to absolute dumpster fire it is now.

    1. SOQ

      What is stupid is that some people’s cognitive dissonance is so bad that they can’t even comprehend the fact that some people are getting injured and some people are dying from these vaccines.

      1. Nigel

        Some people are claiming to have been injured by vaccines in the context of a country where members of one of the two major political parties has taken a position of pushing back against vaccination, said party notorious for its highly mutable and entirely opoortunistic relationship with the truth.

        1. K. Cavan

          Why imply that they are not ill, Nigel?
          I suppose the rest of your comment explains it, a Sectarian comment about a Medical problem.

          1. Nigel

            Look, as a pandemic-truther and anti covid-vaxer, you have a tiny, plucky little US political group that rproudly epresents your views – The Republican Party.

          2. Nigel

            I’m not responsible for the current state of US politics, GP, and its resonance with your own stance on the pandemic is entirely on you.

          3. General Public

            No you’re responsible for lowering the discussion to petty partisan barbs which have no relevance to the article in question.

      2. K. Cavan

        You’re a very nice person, SOQ.
        Given that those suffering Cognative Dissonance acquired the condition in a similar way to how those human drug-test subjects acquired their illnesses, I shall strive to be as charitable.
        Alas, I’m sure I shall fail, miserably.

  6. Micko

    Vaccines are obviously working and are helping to save vulnerable people. Great stuff.

    The side effects and deaths associated with them are a tiny proportion of the people who are getting the vaccine.

    Although when pointed out that the same is pretty much true for people who actually catch Covid, in that death and side effects are ALSO super rare.

    Well, people went fuppin mental!

    1. William Campbell

      “The same” is not “pretty much true” 5 deaths out of something like a billion doses administered is not on the same order of magnitude as a c 1 in 100 chance of dying of Covid.

      1. SOQ

        The difference is not age but life years.

        84 is the average CoVid-19 age of death meaning days weeks or perhaps a couple of years left. How can you even begin to compare that to a young person left within a serious heart which is guaranteed affect the quality and cut their life sort?

      2. Micko

        But William, I thought “every life mattered” and that one life lost was a tragedy and shouldn’t happen.

        That was the rhetoric used everywhere last year, including here on BS.

        Seems it is forgotten now.

        Don’t get me wrong, I think the same as you. People will die from both Covid and the vaccines and there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s life.

        I consistently said the same last year. It’s all you guys who’ve now updated your thinking to be in more in line with me.

        You’re all more accepting of death.

        Good stuff ;)

        1. Nigel

          Well, no, you’ve done nothing but argue for complacency in the face of a pandemic and mocked people’s fears for themselves and others. The programme has always been to vaccinate as much of the population as possible to protect the entire population from the disease, and now that we’re in the latter stages you want the programme you never supported in the first place to be called off before it’s completed and the desired outcome is acheived. Then, you thought it was ok for people to die in large numbers, and now you think it’s bad that a very small number of people may, in theory, suffer bad side effects and maybe, theoretically, die. What you want has stayed the same – stop responding to the pandemic! – but now that the situation has changed, so has your rationale. No wonder you’re accusing others of being ethically flexible.

          1. General Public

            “than you thought it was ok for people to die in large numbers..”

            Throws head back with laughter yet again..

            What match were you watching!?

          2. Micko

            Nigel. Yes, it’s a disease with relatively low mortality rate. And as I’ve said from the start – we’ve massively overreacted and continue to be crippled by fear.

            Covid’s killed about 0.06% of the global population. I don’t get your point really. It’s 4 million people – mostly elderly in their 80’s.

            I mean, about 4 million children under 5 have died already this year (UNICEF figures). In 2019 6.1 million children died – mostly from preventable causes. EVERY YEAR!

            No money to be made saving them though is there?

            Hardly even an eyelid batted in the west.

            But, if an overweight rich white guy is in danger of getting a nasty version of the flu – we’re all over that crap! We’ll bang out a cure in 6 months

            What a joke…


          3. Nigel

            I dunno 4 million (so far) (with global pandemic responses) seems like a lot to me, and it might have been a lot more if we’d taken your advice and just let it run through the population, but I also quite agree that death tolls in the millions for preventable diseases are scandalous and represent quite stunning regional inequalities. If there’s one positive outcome from this pandemic it might be drawing greater attention to the criminal way third world countries and the global south are treated by the Big Pharma.

          4. Micko

            “ drawing greater attention to the criminal way third world countries and the global south are treated by the Big Pharma”

            Well, that’s something we can both agree on.

            But back on Covid for a sec, don’t forget that the 4 million lost to Covid is over TWO winter / Covid seasons.

            So, that makes the massive death of those children every single year (without fail) even more shocking.

            “It really puts perspective on things though, doesn’t it” – Nigel (Tufnell) ;)

          5. Nigel

            I mean, yes, though I wouldn’t be using them to dismiss a death toll of 4 million, that would seem… demeaning,

          6. Cian

            There is a southern hemisphere too.l, they’ve only had one season.
            The 4 million is for one and a half seasons.

    2. SOQ

      Its the double standards that gets me.

      People who never had a positive test or had a positive test but clearly passed from something else are counted as CoVid-19. And yet, people developing medical issues within hours, days or weeks of vaccinations are not being investigated, and/or being dismissed out of hand.

      There is even cases of people who have reported side effects being threatened- What The actual F?

      1. Cian

        Fake news.
        What people “never had a positive test or had a positive test but clearly passed from something else are counted as CoVid-19”.

        I could agree that a small numbers of people are mis-categorised – but that works both ways some “Covid” deaths weren’t; and some non-Covid deaths were Covid. But not a large-scale

        1. SOQ

          A small numbers of people are mis-categorised- that’s a soggy spin, even for you .

          Even Leo has admitted the numbers are BS.

          And that’s not even considering the amount of false positive rubbish PCR pumps out.

    3. Slave to the Rhythm

      I feel sorry for you actually, you seem like a nice fellow, genuinely, but oh … my … gawd

  7. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

    a majority of ladies in this,
    if they are people who did the right thing and got the vacine ( therefore not antivax ) why the dismissal of their experience ? I assume they aren’t in it for the craic ?

        1. Micko

          Eh… ok

          She was just sitting beside me dude…

          I didn’t run up the stairs announcing it as a great discovery;)

      1. Cian

        From that her.ie article:
        The important thing to remember is that this change, not yet confirmed to be directly related to the vaccine, is so far looking to be temporary. But why is it happening at all?

        1. Micko

          I wasn’t hailing Her.ie as a reputable source for covid news.

          I was saying from a point of view that even this crappy online rag is covering it.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            You hail youtube videos as a reputable source for covid news?

            Maybe that’s your problem.

          2. E'Matty

            @Daisy, you seem to be under the misapprehension that anything posted on YouTube cannot be factually correct. I don’t think you really understand YouTube.

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            YouTube is a place to watch unboxing videos and movie trailers. if you use it as a source of news or education, it’s no wonder you’re the way you are.

            I await your next murder threat.

          4. General Public

            “I await your next murder threat”

            Throws head back with side splitting laughter..

    1. Junkface

      I know women are worst affected by long covid too. It’s hard to know why these people in the video have had such bad experiences with the vaccines mentioned. I know so many people who have had the Pfizer one and felt barely any effect the next day.

      1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

        well it may be a continuation of an ever more recognized problem, medicine for females basically treats them as if they are just smaller men, yet even the stage of your cycle can make you react differently to a medicine, https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2019/nov/13/the-female-problem-male-bias-in-medical-trials
        Not only have doctors, scientists and researchers mostly been men, but most of the cells, animals and humans studied in medical science have also been male: most of the advances we have seen in medicine have come from the study of male biology. Dr Janine Austin Clayton, an associate director for women’s health research at the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH), told the New York Times that the result is: “We literally know less about every aspect of female biology compared to male biology.”
        Restricting difference also makes trials cheaper by reducing the required sample size (even though it leads to inaccuracies for various important subgroups).

        Women were excluded because they are different, but the results were applied to them because they are nearly the same. And when women and men are included in trials, the results are usually not published separated by sex, so the findings may be inaccurate for all participants.

        Even in pre-clinical research using animals, female animals have been excluded to make management and costs simpler, and reduce measurement variation.

        1. Cian

          These are all valid points, and this same problem extends to things like seatbelts, ATM height, and even the height of worktops in kitchens (tip: if you ever are changing your kitchen pick a worktop height that suits you).

          There are some valid reasons for the exclusion of women from medical studies – few women would risk being in a phase 1 clinical trial due to unknown complications if they get pregnant.

          The good news is that a woman (Prof Sarah Gilbert) lead the Oxford AstraZeneca development. And all the phase 3 tests were done on men and women.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I’m relatively tall and hate bending down to our sink, it drives me nuts.

          2. SOQ

            I found the response to all those reporting issues had a bang of ‘silly women’ of them, probably just anxiety, probably not related etc.

            This is an area which could have potentially very serious consequences like infertility, that may not be discovered for a long time.

            There is clearly something at play and but like a lot of other reported issues, there is too much money being made to rock the boat.

          1. Steph Pinker

            It was a subtle reference to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction!

            Although, based on your interpretation maybe I should’ve used Basic Instinct…

            *crosses legs*

  8. Fergalito

    It’s a handful of people saying where they are from and the vaccine they received and that’s it. I wouldn’t wish any ill effects or injury on anyone but I would have supposed that a little more substance might have been provided?

    Maybe the idea is that you fill in the blanks yerself re the side effects?

    1. SOQ

      Oh dear- there is always one eh?

      From US https://www.openvaers.com/

      6,985 COVID Vaccine Related Deaths
      23,257 COVID Vaccine Related Hospitalizations
      411,931 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports

      And that’s only up until June 25, 2021.

        1. SOQ

          Ha ha- and yet above- these poor people were being criticised from not reporting into VAERS? Make you friggen minds up- VAERS is a government website, one of a number used BY government to access reported potential vaccine injuries.

          Who’s the conspiracy theorist now eh?

          1. Nigel

            No, you’re the one relying on a self-reporting website and constantly shifting your arguments around its rationale and its usefulness in order to avoid the reality of its limitations and vulnerabilities.

          2. SOQ

            The limitations of VAERS are clearly stated but you can be damned certain the authorities are playing close attention to what is being reported in it.

            They own it for goodness sake .

          3. Nigel

            If you understand the limitations then you know how functionally useless simply repeating the raw numbers is.

          4. SOQ

            Raw data is all we have got sweetheart- pretty sure the VAERS people are not naïve in what they are doing- experts in fact- and will run security checks and cleansing.

            People are being injured and if only 50% is correct- it is still unprecedented.

          5. General Public

            “raw numbers..”

            Sure that’s what passes for clinical trials these days..

          6. Nigel

            Then quit whining when people point out how functionally useless the raw numbers are, darling.

      1. Fergalito

        I’m referring specifically to the video content, what it purports to present and the substance lacking. The post as presented, specifically.

        I’ve an open mind on these things but I’ve found – most of the time – that the majority of views presented here across either side of whatever the covid or vax arguments might be are lacking in any sort of composed reasoning. No more than meself most posters know eff all about eff all with any degree of precision or certainty.

        I get that it’s emotive and broadsheet is an outlet. I guess that’s a good thing but we’re all uselessly alone to make our own choices and decisions. No-one who comes on here to parse their view genuinely believes they’re changing anyone’s mind or being enlightening. It’s the time old “us and them” building up to the “I told you so” payoff. Pointless.

        1. SOQ

          I agree to a point but what I see is a growing dissatisfaction if not cynicism of the Irish government and particularly NPHET- not just here but on most sites.

          So let me ask you a question- there is wall to wall propaganda on the main websites- do you apply the same critical faculties to them too?

          1. Fergalito

            Hey and thanks for the reply. I have no time for the Irish government for multiple reasons, I think we’re a docile nation led by mediocre career politicians with no cogent or coherent vision of altruistic or civic minded merit. Been lurching from blatant corruption and cute hoorism in the 70s and 80s to a more slippery,, corporate version of what boils down to the same thing in more recent years. Regarding NPHET, no one body should have such sway or the comprehensive influence it has. Sadly because our political class have outsourced their own critical faculties to what they have invested in as expertise this is because NPHET are permitted to behave with immunity (no pun intended). The fact that there is no independent accountability says it all but no one in power is accountabile and this in turn diminishes responsibility.

            I like to think, for better or worse, that I take everything with a pinch of salt. Mainstream media let me down a long time ago. I’ve little truck with much of it, rather an individual might come along from time to time that stands out from the crowd.

            I say bravo to you for the courage of your convictions and for the passion that drives your search for sense and truth in the midst of what is unfolding around us all. There used to be a time when people agreed to disagree and I miss that. It still exists of course but puerile, finger pointing and name calling drags us all down and divides us (not levelled at you).

            Anyway, sure…lookit!


          2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            increasingly aggressive polarisation of views is probably the most unpleasant marker of discussion of our era

          3. SOQ

            That is NOT an acceptable response Fergalito, it’s far too reasonable- we are not allowed nuance anymore, it is black and white, no grey is tolerated. Basically social media has turned into the DUP.

            Thanks for the complement and no offence meant.


            PS. I was going to say Janet’s crowd but I have heard she has a hard right hook.

    1. E'Matty

      Adios! Back to the Journal with ya. Plenty of Pro Lockdown Covid Hysteria over there to keep you satisfied and suitably frightened.

    2. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      oh no where will I find out about legal weed updates !?! ;)

      1. Steph Pinker

        Janet, there are many Johnny’s in the world who’ve done Trojan work, don’t tar them all with the same brush.

  9. E'Matty

    Urgh, these moany attention seekers. Moan moan moan. They remind me of those moaners who just went on and on, despite the Medical experts clearly explaining to them just how stupid and wrong they were. Moaners like the Thalidomide mothers, the Pandemrix parents and the Valproate patients. All just kept on bloody moaning and attention seeking. Thank God the “experts” knew exactly what they were talking about. I trust those same experts implicitly and without question, as any right minded intelligent person does.

    1. b. hess

      The same experts who advise against indoor dining, while the rest of Europe dine indoors, ya great experts.

        1. General Public

          I’m merely pondering, same as you Lilly, didn’t mean to come across as snarky..

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