Old Man Yells At Sky


This morning/afternoon.

Ahead of Saturday’s All-Ireland quarter-final between Cork and Dublin shown only on Sky Sports…

“Unless we do something about it, we’re going to be stuck in a bigger county scenario where we won’t get to see our local county team playing on RTÉ. It’s beyond belief at this stage. We have had a torrid 18 months, Cork as much as everyone else needs a lift. There is a cohort of older people who are GAA supporters totally disenfranchised by this commercial decision that has left the grassroots reeling.”

Fine Gael senator Tim Lombard.

Down with the free market.

Another Cork hurling game on Sky Sports ‘a thundering disgrace’ – Senator Tim Lombard (Irish Examiner)



6 thoughts on “Old Man Yells At Sky

  1. George

    I don’t watch RTE except for a substantial part of its output that it spends a lot of money producing.

  2. Mickey Mouse

    The free market is rubbish, I’ve been living in the States and absolutley every sport is behind a paywall. It may be cheaper to produce but some sports should be a public good.

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