Anthony Flynn in 2017

Last night.

Anthony Flynn, who was under suspension from the homeless charity he co-founded, was found dead at his home in Dublin’s East Wall yesterday.

Mr Flynn, 35, helped set up Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) in 2013, becoming its chief executive in 2019, and was a serving independent councillor on Dublin City Council.

He was suspended by the charity following allegations of sexual misconduct, although, gardai say, he was not arrested or formally questioned.

Founder of homeless charity dies in tragic circumstances (Irish Examiner)

Councillor Anthony Flynn who died in suspected suicide was facing probe into alleged sex assault (


9 thoughts on “Unspeakable

    1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

      and rage, the last funeral I was at for suicide, there was so much anger

  1. ian-oG

    At the end of the day the guy is dead and despite allegations we will probably never know what really happened here so best not to speculate at this time?

  2. Conor Madden

    I see the trendy Twitter Lefties, who are only too quick with a hashtag when it suits them, are happy to hang out in the fog of “alleged” on this tragedy right now. But when the fog lifts, and the “alleged” victims come forward, for forward they will come, they will regret their actions. Already we have seen prominent tweets being deleted. Let them all do their own investigation into the matter before it’s too late and they end up cancelling themselves on this one. They’ll do well to remember the old adage about smoke and fire…

    1. John

      I’m confused.
      Are you saying that Anthony is actually guilty (smoke and fire) or that people are using the allegations to imply hes guilty.

  3. K. Cavan

    His guilt or innocence should be determined, despite his passing but I’m not sure this will be possible. Can a deceased person be tried, even if the allegations relate to such vile crimes? I assume not.
    I have seen photographic evidence of this individual attending violent Antifa ”street actions” before the Irish wing of that (it’s not an) organisation retired, hurt, from such activity. Since he was employed, mostly at taxpayer expense, to aid the homeless at the time those pictures were taken, a Jekyll & Hyde type personality seems an obvious conclusion but that’s hardly a crime, especially since Antifa usually act in support of the established power structures & elites, despite their name.
    We may all be left to draw our own conclusions, in which case the suicide of the accused will, unfortunately, influence what many may think, as of course will any statements by the alleged victims, who may have been denied justice, making them doubly-victimized.
    Many individuals, holding differing political views to those of the accused, have surely been driven to contemplate similar drastic solutions, when faced with the wild & unsubstantiated accusations inherent in the cancel culture used as a weapon, especially in the circus of social media, by this man’s political fellow-travellers.
    I know a bit about this man & can’t say I looked kindly on him, in life, nevertheless I do hope his soul has found it’s proper resting-place.

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