When Is A Herd A Herd?


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  1. Gay Fawkes

    The Delta variant is infecting both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. This highly contagious strain is breaching Covid vaccine barriers, but while the spread is not really being prevented, at least we know that the vaccines are working to save lives. Compare the ICU and mortality rates now with January and the proof is in the data that vaccines are saving lives. This pertinent fact is sadly being overlooked by the people on here who are so militantly anti-vaccination when it comes to Covid. Why doesn’t Broadsheet ever post about the positives of vaccination? Why is it so binary in its thought process? Creating these vaccines in the time frame that they were created can also be seen as a medical and scientific marvel. Don’t ignore the data on mortality rates, Broadsheet. You are doing yourselves a great disservice if you do.

    1. Micko

      “Why doesn’t Broadsheet ever post about the positives of vaccination?”

      Could you not read every single other newspaper and website to get that coverage?

      1. Toe Up

        Do you not complain about their seemingly biased stance in their coverage and if so, why is that not a concern if BS has a comparable, albeit opposite, stance in their reporting?

        1. Micko

          How is the post above biased?

          There is no opinion given – unless “Anyone?” is an opinion.

          The tweet isn’t even from a government source

          Also, Bodger is the only one who posts negatives about Covid as far as I can see.

          The other BS contributors are free to post about the positives if they choose to? (I assume)

          1. Toe Up

            Nope, I was responding to Micko

            Micko said “Could you not read every single other newspaper and website to get that coverage?”, implying that all those outlets’ reporting is biased in favour of the vaccine. This also implies that Micko doesn’t give much weight to their coverage due to the aforementioned bias.

            The vaccine related posts on BS are in the main biased against vaccines, which is very clear to anyone with a passing interest in the site. Based on Micko’s (inferred) dislike of the main media outlets’ coverage due to their biases, I am wondering why he isn’t similarly upset about BS’s opposite bias. You say Bodger is the only one who posts anti-vax articles, but seeing as he posts about two thirds of the articles on the site, then it is safe to say that his bias is reflected on the site.

          2. Micko

            Why would I be upset with coverage I agree with?

            Would any of you guys like to contribute content for Broadsheet?

          3. Cian

            You say Bodger is the only one who posts anti-vax articles, but seeing as he posts about two thirds of the articles on the site, then it is safe to say that his bias is reflected on the site.

            This. And not only does Bodger post ⅔ of the content; the other ⅓ almost totally ignores Covid. It seems to be primarily posts about bands, or pretty landscapes/cars/stars; and comics that were on Reddit/xkcd the previous day. Thus 99% of the BS posts are anti-vax

          4. andrew

            “Would any of you guys like to contribute content for Broadsheet?”

            Are you involved in an editorial capacity with this website? I despair if so.

          5. Micko

            I am not. No need to dispair.

            Doing my best to ignore you Andrew.

            I suggest you do the same with me.

          6. Man On Fire

            Ah hahaha, hilarious..

            What knuckle dragging.

            Literally, the whole rest of the media are singing the vaccine song, and one contributor on a relatively obscure blog site has a counter opinion and the usual sorts are up in arms.

            Cry me a river lads..

            If you want an echo chamber go hit up the journal or Joe.ie..

          7. GiggidyGoo

            What gets me is that Cian, Andrew etc. are there commenting on the Independent.ie site, the Examiner.ie site, the rte.ie site, etc. etc. on all of the positive stories about covid, and come on here complaining that another media outlet is giving a different perspective.

  2. D-troll

    this about main media reporting nearly 90% of irish adults, while % of population is alot lower.

    not sure why media is hanging onto news reporting of covid. granted silly season (end of August) are we going to get a scrap the leaving cert article soon. that comes out this time of year. anyway on Covid, not much more news, we will get more vaccinated, and rest of society will open. no more news stories on it of interest.

    will probably get documentaries and reports on it over the next few years as more studies are done. might get a better picture of what was done well and wrong. a bit like air crash investigates or titanic.

    whole pandemic and lockdown were bad times. lets get on with it.

  3. Lolly

    These jabs won’t work against covid now that its mutating, that’s why the double vaccinated are now infected with and spreading delta. Many scientists warned of this. They advised to only vaccinate the vulnerable but they were silenced & mass vaccination campaigns rolled out speeding up mutations..

  4. Gay Fawkes

    Yes, mutations are breaching the vaccines but the vaccines are still saving lives. You’d want to be a moron not to see that. The stats are there for all to see. Vaccines have saved countless lives. End of story.

  5. Daisy Chainsaw

    You accuse the vaccinated of being a herd, yet you’re in support of drugs that actual herds take for ringworm.

    Someone tell Alanis to write a sequel!

  6. SOQ

    It’s now well accepted that natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2 is far superior to vaccinations- expect nobody seems to bothered checking it they have it before rushing off for a clot shot?

      1. andrew

        probably the retired GP in Northern Ireland who just got struck off for incompetence and posing as risk to society

        1. SOQ

          If she was so incompetent then what was she doing playing such a critical role in the out of hours weekend surgeries after running her own surgery for thirty years?

          Try again.

    1. andrew

      What are you even talking about? That’s sheer rubbish.

      I love how you lot go with empty generalisations like “It’s now well accepted…”. It might be well accepted by the dopes you associate with on Facebook but it’s certainly not so within the scientific community.

      All the reputable evidence is that protective antibodies generated in response to an mRNA vaccine target a broader range of SARS-CoV-2 variants carrying “single letter” changes in a key portion of their spike protein compared to antibodies acquired from an infection.

      Even those who’ve had and recovered from a COVID-19 infection still benefit from getting vaccinated.

      Such claptrap.

      1. bisted

        …not sure…but I think it might be something to do with reading the alphabet backwards…we’ve reached ‘v’ for veterinary btw…

      2. Cian

        One is exposed the the covid virus… and one’s body immune system kicks in.

        There are, broadly, two outcomes:
        one has a strong immune system and one manages to defeat the virus (one may be a little run down); or;
        one gets Covid (the disease) and is sick, some people get very sick, and some will die. And others will have long-Covid.

        Assuming one doesn’t die from the covid one has “natural immunity”.

      3. E'Matty

        by contracting the virus and allowing ones own immune system to fight it off successfully, as the overwhelming majority of people who have had the virus have actually done. Over 80% of people enjoy full natural immunity to Covid19 (i.e. if they contract the virus, over 80% will not develop any symptoms at all and so never develop Covid19) and others enjoy a strong enough immune resposne that it will fight off the virus even if Covid19 is developed.

          1. SOQ

            Pretty sure it is if you are presenting yourself as being something other than a stranger from the Island?

          2. Oro

            You wrote that so poorly I’m not sure it is what you’re asking, or if you’re asking anything.

            I asked you the other day, you’ve mentioned before I think, that you’re from the north? Correct me if I’m wrong.

          3. Oro

            It’s about as reasonable or as relevant as asking someone for their chip and pin – I don’t know what kind of delusion you’re suffering but you aren’t a moderator on this website and you have no seniority over anyone else here (altho I’d put good money that you’ve a couple of decades on me irl) so your behaviour is just onerous in the extroyme.

            You keep ignoring my question about whether you’re from the north or not, just to be clear I’m only asking that to make a point, and your avoidance of answering it has proved that point. I’d hope you could glean that yourself but based on past precedence………. I won’t hold my breath :|

          4. GiggidyGoo

            So there’s Oro, berating someone for asking where they’re posting from, and then forgets that Oro has been asking SOQ where he is from. That’s the height of Oro’s intelligence. The journal is missing an idiot.

          5. Oro

            Jesus- did you read my comment? I was asking where he was from to show how annoying and onerous is it to ask someone where they’re from. I even explained it in my comment in case the subtext was too much for the less sharp set on here (you clearly included). You’re some eejit.

          6. Oro

            Just to clarify, I asked him the other day prompted by his demanding to know where I lived on three separate threads.

            Since you guys don’t seem to be able to understand what is happening here (and I know you won’t even once explained so this is probably a total waste of time) I asked him after he asked me as a argumentative device to illustrate how annoying / onerous / nosy etc etc it is it ask someone in a forum such as this for their home information.

            Spare me a reply.

          1. Oro

            Ah yes rofl, oh to have the rigorous intellect of GG, the vaccinated anti-vaxxer, who doesn’t understand what a ‘greater than’ sign is, and who can’t understand any subtext, only the surface meaning of what is written in front of them (and still sometimes even then have problems!).

      4. SOQ

        You achieve natural immunity by your body clearing SARS-CoV-2, which most people have done without even being aware of it.

        1. Toe Up

          But some people have caught covid-19 multiple times and early on in the pandemic is was proven that the natural immunity fades over time.


          “There is reason to think that immunity could last for several months or a couple of years, at least, given what we know about other viruses and what we have seen so far in terms of antibodies in patients with covid-19 and in people who have been vaccinated. But getting to a ballpark figure, yet alone putting an exact number on it, is difficult, and the results of immunological studies of covid-19 vary. One reason for this is confounding factors that scientists do not yet fully understand—in some studies, for example, the longevity of antibodies targeting the spike of SARS-CoV-2 is shorter than one might expect.1 We lack clear data to understand whether this is a problem for covid-19.”

          1. Toe Up


            “Phillips told KUSA that he caught the virus twice. The first time was in January 2020, and a test found that he had antibodies. Due to this, Phillips assumed he was immune and didn’t need to get vaccinated.

            Then, in June 2021, Phillips began to feel sick. He told KUSA that he and his wife, Maria Phillips, initially shrugged it off as a sinus infection. Then he developed a cough so bad that he went to the emergency room.

            “If we had waited even an hour longer. Bill might have just taken a nap and not woken up,” Maria Phillips told KUSA. He was then intubated and didn’t wake up for 18 days. On Wednesday, the couple left the hospital after a two-month stay.”

    2. Cian

      It must grate with you that 90% of Irish adults have taken the vaccine. You are in a small (and getting smaller) minority.

      1. SOQ

        If that was directed at me then not at all. I know a lot of people whom if they had full free will- meaning not feeling forced or coerced- would not have done so. The line drawn is not where you claim- it is children, and that hasn’t started yet.

        But I do question why the Dee Walls of this thing get so much publicity- I can spot a stooge when I see one.

      2. Steph Pinker

        Cian, it was inevitable that you would eventually resort to Leo tactics; even for a FG civil servant, you’ve done your best to try to maintain a semblance of rationale with your stats, deflections/graphs – and the abuse of minorities, many of whom are very poor – but poor people don’t vote, do they? It took a few years but your mask has slipped with that comment you posted – the really sad aspect of this is that after the lies, control, oppression, mind games and societal breakdown, your lot will still be re-elected as a coalition party.

        You should be ashamed.

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