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Four In The Morning – Keep It Together

In the wee small hours…

Led by Kevin Dolan, this new four-piece have created a brooding and intense ballad for the sleep-deprived as the lead single from their new EP Stress Dreams.

Kevin writes:

“I didn’t really notice until the record was finished how many references to sleep and dreams there were across it. The songs are obsessed with family, longing, stress, depression, love, and how we make sense of all of it. They’re fragments, feelings, and a means of coping.”

Kevin is joined by fellow musicians Kiran Srinivasan, Dan Walwyn and Alex Lees and they honed their songwriting craft over the first lockdown.

Nick says: Insomniacs on the loose.

Four In The Morning

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  1. Verbatim

    I love checking out the ‘stuff’ Nick Kelly puts up, his underneath writings are a pure joy, sometimes much more than what’s above.

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