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  1. Micko

    Any anecdotally from a friend.

    In his daughter’s new school, she’s just started there and she was one of the only ones who didn’t raise their hands when asked* And they were asked in assembly by the principle.

    She’s only started secondary school and her Mum who’s a nurse doesn’t want her to get it.

    *That doesn’t mean they were all jabbed.

    Kids will do anything not to stand out most of the time of course. Sure just look at the amount of teenagers walking around with masks / chin nappies outside in the fresh air.

    Makes em feel so grown up. ;)

    1. theofficepest

      I rarely see adults wear masks outside not to mentioned teenagers, i believe your evidence on the matter may also be anecdotal ;)

      1. Micko

        I see it a lot.

        But I mostly see it when I’m picking up and bringing my daughter to school.

        So perhaps I see more school kids than you. Which would skew my observations.

        But, my original post is true. (As far as any story I’ve been told is, and is still anecdotal) ;-)

          1. Micko

            Maybe it’s a “Northsoide” thing J?

            It’s mostly the chin nappies I see.

            Ready to be pulled up a at a moments notice, taking with it tons of sebum and bacteria from their chins right into their gob holes.


            And hygienic too ;-p

        1. theofficepest

          so coming in and out of school

          I would say they are more wearing them in school and this is the result of it

          you could hardly blame them for wearing them in school given that very few are vaccinated

          1. Micko

            Please see my chin nappies / sebum & bacteria soaked / constant touching 6 hours a day / soaked in saliva post above please.

            Not very useful for medical protection. Pretty effin stupid actually.

            Absolute security theatre.

            Only a symbol

            And for the symbol minded.

    2. Oro

      haha of course the ‘Mum’ in this story would be a ‘nurse’. Never not at the tall tales Micín. “And the sister is a teacher (infants) and the dad fits kitchens”. Shameless!

      1. ian-oG

        My 3 year got vaccinated and now she can crush a piece of coal into a diamond using her super strength and laser eye beams.

        Its gotten right difficult to get her down for a nap.

        True story.

        1. Oro

          Ask them to give the booster in eye-drops, my sister’s brother in law is a SNA / plumber / eye doctor and he said it sorts out the lasers in 2-3 weeks :)

      2. Micko

        Sure, as I said to you before.

        Believe it if you like Oro. I don’t mind.

        Sure I’m an open book.

        Not like yourself – sure you won’t even tell people even what country ya live in love


        1. Oro

          I don’t believe you. You’re either 1) adjusting stories you read online to personalize them to yourself because you think it gives them more weight or 2) lying through your teeth. You’ve mixed up your characters in your anecdotes before (your good friend that one day she was a teacher the next an SNA) so no I don’t think you are an open book. I think you’re deceptive, you’ve figured out there’s no burden of proof to these stories that bolster your arguments so you’ve leaned in (although so heavily it’s given the game away).

          To your second point I have actually mentioned where I lived before on here when it was relevant but I don’t have to oblige that nightmare SOQ’s scream demands to tell him my address at his behest. It’s not paranoia it’s just a bit of self regard.

          1. Man On Fire

            I don’t believe a word you write either, you sound exactly the same as all the other low level troll farm minions.

            You give yourselves away under moderate pressure. Plain as day to see.

            Try harder, if that’s (probably not) possible..

          2. Oro

            What do you not believe? I’ve been specific with M about what I think he’s making up and why I think that, the least you could do is be a bit more specific than ‘a word you write’ because I don’t typically write personal stories, so I’m not sure what exactly it is you’re getting at. LOF it’s difficult to reply to you because your thoughts seem to be so driven by a kind of reddit-quick-one-line-pwn-speak but they don’t actually really make sense a lot of the time. You can’t always just turn a comment around and accuse the other person of the same thing if you don’t flesh it out. I feel like I’m talking to a wall lol.

          3. Man On Fire


            Playing possum now.

            Your insults and innuendos are blatantly obvious, you don’t like my approach, I could not care less, I treat you lot all the same, that’s the most sincere and honest way to deal with you.

          4. Micko

            Jeasus Oro – bit intense.

            But Yup. You’re right. I could be lying.

            Pretty pointless and wasting my own time to do so though.

            And it is absolutely up to you to believe me or not and ”call me out” if you don’t. You go girl etc etc

            Also, the original post asked for examples. So I better just keep my gob shut in future if I know what’s good for me eh?

            Well done Oro. You really put me in my place.

            I guess you won the Internets today.

          5. Oro

            I don’t think it would count as wasting your time, since you dedicate so much time to the site as is (not being mean just factual). So it would work with you rather than against you.

            Didn’t mean to be intense rather just to be clear about what I think. No need to get upset.

          6. Micko

            Oh wow.

            You’re playing the “you spend a lot of time here” AND the “don’t get upset” cards together.

            Pffft… Sorry Oro.

            That’s the Anna Kournikova of online poker poo talk.

            Looks good but rarely wins anything…

            Come back and play again when yer ready to join in with the big boys. ;-)

          7. Oro

            I literally put a disclaimer on that comment so it wouldn’t come off that way, it’s my my fault you got upset about my earlier comment being too intense. Also you are probably the person that comments most on here at the moment, or at least top 3, so that’s not unreasonable either, and I didn’t bring it up apropos of nothing, it was relevant to your comment about ‘wasting time’.

            And I love Anna K so I don’t take that as a negative. Her and Martina Hingis were a fantastic doubles team, so fun.

          8. Man On Fire

            It’s obsessed with you Micko, take it as a badge of honour and keep doing what you’re doing. It clearly does not like it.

          9. Poor oul divil

            Micko, you wouldn’t have Anna’s cell number would you by any chance?

            Go on, be a pal

            Yer wan from Denmark who was engaged to Rory McIlroy – very similar

  2. Fez

    My mates brother who’s a member of the gardai said they are gonna start deploying the army to break into your house and vaccinate you, but if you are already vaccinated they’ll challenge you to a game of table tennis because the virus came from China and they’re great at table tennis

  3. SOQ

    In a way- that teacher’s actions really sums up what is gong on. That children should get vaccinated to protect adults- its as stupid as it is selfish because the kids can still be infectious.

    The vaccinated have now become the anti vaxers because if they genuinely believed that the vaccines worked, then they wouldn’t care about anyone else’s status.

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